Integration Of Your Unique Selling Proposition – Marketing Strategy

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This is the compelling reason why someone should do business with you!

This is what sets your company apart, what makes your company unique from all of the competition, and it’s so important because there are so many different kinds of businesses/Websites selling the exact same product or service.

You need to discover something that will differentiate your business  from your competition.  The reason you do this is because your customers may not perceive a reason that’s different to do business with you.

In Today’s Economy…

they’re only going to shop price, and they’re only going to go to the lowest price seller, and they’re only going to watch for the ads that give them the lowest price.

The business owner and his staff need to get their perspective of the Unique Selling Proposition, develop marketing systems to get the message out to your customer or prospective customer on the phone or sales floor, marketing pieces, Website and email or a report that will articulate what your USP maybe.

The next thing you do is call some of your  customers on the phone after pulling their phone numbers off your customer list, survey customers, and get the customers’ perspective of what it is they like about your company and why because they’re shopping for some reason.

They’re coming to the store/Website for some reason, and you want to know what it is. They may be going to another store/Website as well, and we want to know that. They shop with you rather than the competition.

The second thing we did was make sure that message gets integrated into all of their marketing.

If your a retailer it starts first with the sales people on the floor. So, we did some training to make sure we got scripting into their sales presentations. So, when people come into the store, the first thing that they’re telling your customer is why they’re shopping there at the store.

For a retailer with a huge selection and high quality this could be your USP we  have the largest selection of these higher end, better quality, clothing lines.

Integrate USP into your marketing message

Integrating the USP into the current selling and marketing processes. That’s where this was because the phone ringing was his current process. So, we got somebody to answer that phone, integrate and give the scripting of USP over the phone, and he started to close more of his yellow page calls.

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Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition – Direct Marketing Strategy

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How to set yourself a part from the 1000 other Websites selling the same widget

What does Wal Mart, Domino’s and Lenscrafters all have in common that sets them apart from their competition?

A Unique Selling Proposition

Wal Mart is always the lowest price, Domino’s is 30 minutes or its free and LensCrafters glasses in about an hour. Because they were the first to discover they own the proposition. Their position may not always be true but people believe it and they all raised the bar for their competition and now the competition must meet customers high expectations of their position.

Why should your customer buy from you?

With the USP, it’s good to go in and help the person to clarify what
their selling position is or the proposition is, but the integration is where
it becomes the powerful tool. Is it not?

With the unique selling proposition (USP) it will help the cusomer to clarify what your selling position is or the proposition is, but the integration is where it becomes the powerful tool. Integration into the headline of your Website and customer emails.

Making product innovation and things like that are unique for your product or service, it’s hard to do. you must find the ability to differentiate your product. It might be in the service area. It might be a guarantee.

You should brainstorm with the company founder or company staff this is your focus group with the owner and the staff. This is your questionnaire that you can use in determining a USP the company USP.

So, you might conduct a focus groups. Get their perspective of what the USP is. Try to get the perspectives from owners, sales, production, operations, accounting – all departments if you can. Ask the question, “Why dopeople do business with you?” Then, you see USP form there for the owner and the staff.

These are questions that help you solicit answers about a USP see how we’ve taken it and broken

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“Direct Marketing Stategy” – Segmentation

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Your customers expect and demand a focused message relating to their needs.

Today’s competitive marketplace demands relevancy if your message doesn’t connect with your prospect in less than a second than your marketing message will go to waste.

Know Your Customer

Knowing who your customers are and what they need is a requirement to compete in today’s competitive online world.

What makes direct marketing different than other forms of advertising is database marketing both online and off.

Marketers that are able to successfully measure, segment and analyze the thousands of customer transactions in optimal waysman-looking-computer_~car0119
will a realize significant competitive advantage.

The proper use of customer information and segments will benefit both you and your customers.

Customers should perceive the information and offers they receive from your company as a benefit.

Build relationships with your prospective customers.

How do you build a relationship with your customer?

Through the  segmentation of your marketing database. You can start with personalization of the data that you collected about your prospect over time and through tracking their behavior.

Not too long ago, I was shopping for music online. I even put a track or two in my shopping cart, but decided to leave the site before placing the order.

When I revisited the site a few days later I was offered a discount on three other Frank Sinatra hits from the 60’s  and I was provided additional information on iTunes. This was an unexpected benefit and made my shopping experience easier.

Finally, the other day I received an email from iTunes offering me the whole Frank Sinatra collection in Las Vegas if I acted immediately.

This business is providing me a valuable service based on my purchasing selections and targeting my music preferences by segmenting my behavior and historical transactions on it’s Website.

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List Strategy for Direct Mail and Email

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Making sure your lists are cleaned and well maintained is important

This is the number one priority for marketers that are looking to manage their relationships with customers and prospects. Large franchise chains personalize their marketing strategy based on the area their customers live.

Marketers base their models and analytics to customers in a specific geographic area. For example Domino’s pizza has about 8,000 versions of direct mail, which is sent out about every two weeks. The company also has an online tool that allows each franchise to select its creative offer when they order the mail pieces.

97925035_777623Customer loyalty program

When a loyal customer has not ordered Domino’s would send them a mail piece that may say lets get together again to nurture the relationship with their customers when the customer has not ordered recently.

Domino’s is a franchise that has it roots in direct mail marketing and email has become a major direct response strategy where they email more than 10 million addresses from their CRM databases. Today Domino’s pizza is second  largest e-commerce direct marketer in terms of transactions second only to Amazon the largest e-commerce direct marketer in the world.

Online transactions

Will become half of Domino’s business by 2011 and will be the fifth largest e-commerce site in terms of transactions. Online ordering  drives higher purchases per order because customers have the menu in front of them and process becomes easy.

Digital Database Marketing

Managing existing relationships is more cost effective than creating new ones, the new focus is on customer retention than customer acquisition because.

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“Direct Marketing E-mail Lists” Follow-Up

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E-mail follow-up to Website visitors that abandoned shopping carts can increase your response by 20 times!

In comparison to new acquisition email campaigns marketers can double open rates and quadruple the click through rates of most other email campaigns.

The lesson to be learned from this is that you when you target prospects, when they are ready to buy and they are much more likely to do so.

Learn the life cycle marketing programs

This is targeting your e-mail message based on where the prospect is in the sales cycle, you can lift your response tremendously.

This translates into more sales and revenue for you over the long run. Business to business marketers have a good understanding of acquisition. As the length for the life cycle grows and more people become involved in the buying process it becomes more difficult to close the sale in business to business marketing.

Marketers need to improve their marketing follow-up in this difficult economy or they could lose the sale as the prospect moves on to a competitors Website to purchase the same goods or services.

Segment Lists

Marketers need to spend more time testing and segmenting their lists to find the most profitable demographics.  Testing offers into A/B split email campaigns and determine which produces the best response.

This is how you offer more nurturing and consideration to prospects you can analyze the results with metrics and follow-up. Deliver content that helps your company to establish itself as an expert and you educate prospects on the products and services that they inquired about.

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Direct Marketing Leads “Webinars”

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New lead generation tool for direct marketers is the webinar

Your online presentation message needs to be highly focused which can help search engine ranking and social media tactics.

For many direct marketers webinars can generate the largest proportion of your lead generation business. Many marketers have great success when testing webinars as an effective online channel when supporting a particular product launch.

Testing webinars as the new direct response channel

Many direct marketers reported that after testing webinars in 2008 that they decided to include webinar in their annual marketing plans each quarter. The minimum webinars planned for each year would be two per quarter.

When planning your webinar campaign look for hot topics that are focused on your demographic audience, screen attendees and score them as potential buyers during different buying stages.

Webinar cost savings

Webinars are very cost-effective and can be one of the lowest cost per lead channels in your annual marketing plans. Your overall percentage of new leads per year could go up by as much as 25% per year from this channel alone.

Webinars need to be tested and may not be the best option for setting sales appointments with company representatives. Webinars may need further nurturing and scoring to determine where they are on the sales pipeline.

The testing of webinars in your marketing mix may produce some excellent results and you may conclude that webinars should be the primary source for new leads in your marketing efforts.

Many marketers reported that after the webinar they would follow-up with a webinar nurturing period of 4 to 5 weeks. The follow-up channel can be email to reach the webcast registrants.

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What You Should Know about “Direct Mail Mailing Lists”

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A mailing list contains…..

names and addresses of a large group of people or company having one thing in common.

Mailing list compilers do not have a mailing list; they have many and this is because they segment into marketing units to find the one thing in common.

The best marketing opportunities occur when segmenting a list into purchasing behavioral characteristics.

List Segmenting and Marketing Opportunities

Standard Rates and Data directories contain more than 20,000 laser targeted lists for special interest and trade publications. If you take into consideration the segments within each publications you would have millions of lists.

Always remember that consumers are logical human beings with motivations and goals and a unique purchasing behavior. Direct mail marketing can be a powerful motivator if the right message is sent to the right prospect at the right price.

A strong synergy must be connected with the written copy and the list, the written copy has a infinite number of variables, but the list has a flavor.

When planning a direct mail marketing promotion allow your list broker to help with the approach this will help you to find a better response and more money from your marketing efforts.

Allow the list broker time to do a skillful job since they must make recommendations and supply critical information on selection, counts, usage and geographic variables.

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What To Consider When Finding A Mailing List Broker

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Marketing List Brokers

Are business people in business to help you identify the best possible leads to generate income for your business. The leads come in the form of lists of potential prospects who may have an interest in a particular niche market and services that your company offers.

Another function of a Marketing List Broker is to help you identify your best demographics and customer profile before they run counts of potential prospects available.

Types Of Lists to Purchase

No matter what your needs are, you will likely be able to find mailing list brokers that can give you the exact list you desire. From the young demographic to elderly or retired persons, college-bound students to baby boomers who are at the highest level of their jobs, no list is impossible to find.

Your Customer Profile

Sometimes list brokers have the capability of matching a sample of your customer database to determine the best match, customer demographics, income, age. For business lists he must match standard industrial code and title before they purchase a list for you. It would be wise to test a small sample lists to determine the best fit for your offer and customer profile.

Though the possibilities are endless as to what is already out there, keep in mind that if you want a specialized list that does not already exist in a list broker’s database, they can use cross-sections of several lists that fit your demographic and come up with one master list that suits all your needs.

This can be done by sampling your customer database to find the most profitable segments based on recent purchases, dollars spent (rank customers by how much they spend for your products and services. When you discover your most profitable segments you must define who they are by age, gender, income or geographic are.

In business to business lists you would discover your customer profile by industrial code like manufacturing verses retailing. Size of company, the title of the contact that you would like to mail to.

How List Brokers Find Lists

List Brokers have many ways of getting information in order to help you sell your goods or services. Email lists are more complicated to rent because of anti-spamming laws and that to comply with laws prospects need to double opt-in and you normally need to mail through a list compiler or third party service to comply with laws protecting consumers.

If you are open and responsive to offers that suit your needs and lifestyle, there are dozens of people who will buy your name off a mailing list to try and pitch their products to you.

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Direct Mailing lists and NCOA Compliance

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Is Your Business Losing Thousands of Dollars in Postal Savings!

For Not Complying with Postal Mandates Pitney Bowes recently surveyed respondents to a Business Insight mailer that said that only one-third use manual updating procedures when mail is returned to them from the National Change Address due to incomplete internal customer database lists.

This indicates that few companies are cleaning their lists or a regular basis and taking advantage of discounts being offered from the postal service for using NCOA services.

The new postal mandates this year include Move Update Standard will first be billed an additional 7 cents per assessed piece.

The  Pitney Bowes  study conducted just recently queried more than 50 executives and IT managers who conduct high-volume mailings in the insurance, finance, communications and utility industries.

Only 39% of respondents in the survey said they have an automated process in place to deal with returned mail from NCOA and ACS methods.

Lost postal savings opportunity

The conclusion is that most mailers are not taking advantage of mass mailing savings by keeping their internal databases clean and up to date.

This also indicates that the overall marketplace hasn’t fully updated as a move to update strategy.

The goal of the Move Update Standard is to reduce the volume of undeliverable-as-addressed mail which costs the federal agency billions each year to process. This mandate was effective as of November 2008, requiring businesses to update their bulk mailing list for both First Class and Standard Mail.

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Direct Marketing Ideas

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Implementing and testing

New ideas into your professional sales process can increase your marketing assets exponentially.

One idea is all one needs to achieve great success for example by setting goal this year to always ask for referrals after every sales presentation could double your bottom line profits without spending another penny on advertising or sales leads.

In one appointment you could possibly get 10 referrals that could lead to 3 sales or an extra several hundred or several thousand dollars to your bottom line profit.

You maybe just one idea from a huge breakthrough in your career or business.

Develop Your Testimonial Book

One technique you can use in your sales process is a testimonial book. Your sales testimonial book is the tool to use to close your sales. It works because one of the most powerful ways to influence someone is with a testimonial from a third party. This is why major advertisers pay celebrities millions of dollars to endorse products.

You don’t have to pay anyone to endorse you. You simply go to a satisfied customer and ask them for a written endorsement. Keep you testimonial folder inside your presentation folder along with your awards, honors and photo’s you collected.

Going back to past clients and making them other offers, try to cross-sell or up-sell new products or services. Since you developed a rapport, trust with them. Using direct mail, e-mail or phone would be the best ways to develop a new relationship with clients.

Write down you goals this year

Write sales goals with a written action plan and time table for achieving your personal goals. Almost everyone agrees setting goals is important if you are trying to achieve success in your business or career but few people every do this.

Clearly define what you want. The most successful people in the world clearly define their goals. It’s not enough to say, “I want to make more money.” Clearly define how much more you would like to make, and precisely how you’ll do it.

Break into the top 10% of marketers next year with an articulated and sustainable unique advantage over your competition. Free Marketing Plan samples.

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