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E-mail follow-up to Website visitors that abandoned shopping carts can increase your response by 20 times!

In comparison to new acquisition email campaigns marketers can double open rates and quadruple the click through rates of most other email campaigns.

The lesson to be learned from this is that you when you target prospects, when they are ready to buy and they are much more likely to do so.

Learn the life cycle marketing programs

This is targeting your e-mail message based on where the prospect is in the sales cycle, you can lift your response tremendously.

This translates into more sales and revenue for you over the long run. Business to business marketers have a good understanding of acquisition. As the length for the life cycle grows and more people become involved in the buying process it becomes more difficult to close the sale in business to business marketing.

Marketers need to improve their marketing follow-up in this difficult economy or they could lose the sale as the prospect moves on to a competitors Website to purchase the same goods or services.

Segment Lists

Marketers need to spend more time testing and segmenting their lists to find the most profitable demographics.  Testing offers into A/B split email campaigns and determine which produces the best response.

This is how you offer more nurturing and consideration to prospects you can analyze the results with metrics and follow-up. Deliver content that helps your company to establish itself as an expert and you educate prospects on the products and services that they inquired about.

It makes sense to pay more up front for an email address since the long run benefits will pay for themselves buy mailing lists Guaranteed and a 100 free leads if you open an account today!

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