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Email Marketing Software Solution Best Autoresponder – Email marketing software solutions to create, send and track professional direct email marketing campaigns with no tech skills.

Be sure that your testing your e-mail auto-responder lists generated in your Aweber account and make sure that is is part of your annual marketing plan along with your annual direct mail marketing campaigns.

I used their 6.1 version for over 5 years and loved it because it’s fast, easy, and saved many of my past clients and employers a lot of money. What’s great is Marketing Plan pro, version 11.0 is light years ahead of the older version that I used because it allows you to develop a sustainable marketing advantage and helps you identify and:

  • Define your ideal customer by analyzing your core customers
  • Helps you to articulate your marketing message without copy writers
  • Get started in 30 minutes or less
  • It will help you through the critical analysis stages
  • Increase productivity and cut your marketing planning in half
  • Allow the software to do the hard work for you guaranteed

What’s great about Marketing Plan Pro is that it is recommended by all of the experts like Forbes, Business Week and Entrepreneur magazine to name a few see reviews…Free sample downloads and Video demonstrations….Limited Time Offer Discount When Purchasing Business Plan together!

Direct Marketing Solution

Break into the top 10% of marketers next year with an articulated and sustainable unique advantage over your competition. Free Marketing Plan samples.

Mailing List Software Video

Mailing List Software

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DYMO Label Writer Printing Lists

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You may be deciding whether or why you might need a dedicated label printer. Maybe you can’t justify paying the extra money?

But some things to consider are…

You maybe thinking that an ordinary printer do the job? Sure it can, if you want to print out partial sheets of labels and spend money replacing your ink cartridges.

If you don’t find this prospect appealing, take a look at the Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo, which never runs out of ink, thanks to its thermal technology. It prints a variety of black-and-white labels: file-folder labels; address and shipping labels, which come with the unit; price tags; and CD and DVD labels, which cover only the center part of a disc.

Setting up this USB printer is easy.

Just plug it in, put the label roll on its spool, and feed the labels through the printer’s front slot.

The Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo, prints very fast, taking about five seconds to produce a label. The output is clear, though a few times the print was too heavy or too light.

The included Dymo Label Software is easy to use and surprisingly full featured. It also comes with a utility for exporting OS X Address Book entries. However, the software failed to detect text after I applied a background color. But you can also print with the software you probably use already.

Dymo’s OS X support is excellent: it even works with Panther and Rendezvous. Unfortunately, there’s no Mac support for Internet Postage or the Address Fixer utility, which Dymo advertises as features of the printer. A Mac version of Internet Postage is reportedly in beta.

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Direct Marketing Association Report – Response Rates to Mailings

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For over 90 years the Direct Marketing Association supported the needs of it’s members with special reports in research and marketing trends.

What is the typical response rate for direct marketing campaigns in your industry and which media will work the best?

In a resulting Direct Marketing Association 2009 response rate report offered an up to date look a the bottom line in direct marketing.

What’s working and what’s not?

The following are a few of he highlights:

  • The goal of  two-thirds of respondents was order generation
  • The media that achieved the highest response rates was outbound telephone calls and this method is also the most expensive
  • Response rates from email, excluding prospect Open 14.92% for Click-through 9.36% and 5.26

It was also determined in this report that mailings that were personalized with campaign objectives were the most successful because of well-executed personalized marketing programs.

Personalized mailings can provide better response rates when combined with dynamic, multi channel marketing solutions. Businesses, regardless of their aim to attract another business or end user, and whether their offering is a product or service, need background information and ideas  in order to plan their best balance of investment and return.

The more you know about your prospect and the more you can include this knowledge into personalized mailing in combination with other campaign including Website, mobile phone coupon offers and email the better your response will be.

It makes sense to pay more up front for an email address since the long run benefits will pay for themselves buy mailing lists Guaranteed and a 100 free leads if you open an account today!

Author Biography: My professional direct marketing experience began in magazine circulation management from this I honed my skills in list purchasing, testing, and analyzing. I learned the importance of direct response planning and budget forecasting and most importantly, providing a follow-up with back-end analysis, fulfillment of orders and inquiries. I also gained some valuable job experience with Jackson National Life Insurance as Marketing Database/Direct Mail area and with Alumni Association of the University of Michigan as Membership Manager.

Tim Little

Marketing List Program – “Your Ultimate Marketing Plan”

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The secret is learning to grow your business effectively!

Their are several strategies you can use to grow your business quickly without spending more on advertising.

Attract more new customers.
Increase the average sales amount.
Make your customers buy from you more often.
Hold on to your customers for life

Attract more new customers…

Diversify and focus on one small customer problem and dominate that market within the market you are currently in.

Develop an Education-Based Marketing program that compels your prospects to contact you to learn more about how you can help them. Webinars could be a great and in-expensive way to test this program with your current customer e-mail list.

Establish a proactive referral program with centers of influence that can open new channels of growth for you and your business. A system in place that will always capture referrals from your best customers during the start of the buying process.

Increase the average sales amount…
Up-sell your customers to high quality products and services. Segment the top 20% of your customers record purchase and dollar amount and how frequent of purchase and e-mail or mail offers that:

• Suggest accessories and add-on items and services that compliment your customer’s purchase.
• Combine several items into a package that would cost less if sold separately.

Make your customers buy from you more often…
• Establish ongoing communications that present compelling offers that can’t be turned down.
• Follow up with your customers(relationship building) to see how they’re enjoying the benefits of the new product or service you sold them, and suggest products or services that would increase their satisfaction.
• Track your customer’s usage and buying patterns to suggest purchases right before they actually need them this gives you a competitive edge

Re-Think Your Marketing Strategy and write all of this in your new marketing plan.

Timothy Little – Marketing Consultant with over 15 years of successful direct mail and database marketing experience!

Service Description
We will customize and write a strategic marketing plan based on your competitive edge and Unique Selling Proposition
The Free marketing audit is focused on your hidden assets can be done by phone or fact to face.
The marketing audit will save you between $10,000 – 100,000 in advertising costsWe will help you to discover your assets and grow your business in several ways Guaranteed.

Develop selling skills to increase sales
Marketing plan development with a focus on your unique selling proposition including market needs, demographics, analysis, strategy, break-even analysis and marketing budget. I have innovative database techniques to increase response rates with testing and analysis.

Telephone: Call (313) 269-9951

Mailing List Program, Reactivation During A Recession

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Marketers using customer reactivation techniques that use to work well are now struggling to reach old response rates.

With the new great recession and the big cutbacks in consumer spending hurting response rates of reactivation efforts. Marketers are now forced to try new approaches to maximize the reach to lapsed customers.

New techniques are being used today with leveraging customer data, analytical techniques and testing new customer touchpoints to enhance reactivation marketing efforts.

Direct Marketing Strategy

The first step is to define your best  customers with attributes such as buying trends, purchasing needs and segment into groups as far  never purchased or purchased frequently. Develop ways to analyze which customers have the greatest chance of reactivation.

Start with demographics data both online and offline transactions information should be used to enrich the customer profile. This data will help assess how your customers are spending money and time. This information could be used to assess old customers that never purchased or that purchased sparsely in the past but still may be good candidates.

Reactivation efforts most often are targeted to prospects that purchased over the last year or more. Understanding your customer buying patterns through both online and offline will help with prospecting efforts.

Your direct marketing strategy should include a good reactivation program that not only knows when to target but how to target. In todays multichannel environments you will have greater opportunities to blend print and online digital media together for greater success. Blending multichannel campaigns can offer more profitable campaigns in the future.

Marketers need to chose the campaigns that offer greater reach and test which channels maximize campaign profits. With much of the consumer market now online, digital marketing can help reach high value, high niche segments and influence buyers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing growth is only second to online search engine marketing as far as attracting online customers. Email marketing is a great tactic to use in reactivation campaigns when marketers have a correct address and permission to use it, periodically reaching out to customers and former customers for news, information and promotions.

It makes sense to pay more up front for an email address since the long run benefits  will pay for themselves buy mailing lists Guaranteed and a 100 free leads if you open an account today!

Webcast Marketing, Fast And Great Value

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Webcast Allow Direct Marketers To Test

Webinars give direct marketers almost unlimited opportunities to test different lists, headlines, offers and Webinar titles.

A Webinar Marketing Plan

A simple and effective way of building a Webinar event:

  • Define the topic
  • Decide on the type of offer
  • Create leads through the execution of your marketing plan
  • Convert your offer to meetings, clients or sales
  • Repeat what works best by testing

Plan your Webinars to be big events, since it takes the same time and effort to broadcast to 10 as it does to a 1000 attendees.

Try not to do too much with one seminar break it up into a series if you need to address a lot of information.

Set broad objectives in your marketing plan

You need to touch prospects at different stages to convert a lead to a sale. Webinars are good at meeting broad objectives, but sometimes you need to meet prospects at different stages.

Remember to use the Webinar content as the draw or offer. For example financial planners could draw attendees with “Invest wisely and retire early, avoid these 10 pitfalls when planning your estate”.

Just as the market will determine the effectiveness of a direct response campaign, the prospects in your market will judge the value of your content.

A marketing plan that is well constructed and well executed will give your Webinar event a big boost. The following are techniques used by direct marketers catch flaws ahead of time>

  • The topic didn’t draw the target market – better list
  • Content wasn’t compelling to convert the sale
  • Your invitation list was too small
  • Your registration form made it too difficult to register.

Avoid these mistakes and watch your Webinar attendance rise.