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The first step in selecting the perfect lists, you need to know who you’re mailing to. They’re your target audience, and they’re the customer segments that you think your product or service.

The real key to unlocking the potential of list marketing is to define your target audience with as many attributes as you can. This ensures that your marketing offers only go to those people who are most likely to buy your product.

The most common mistake that most list marketers make is sending offers to a poorly defined target audience. Once you’ve used a combination of these parameters to define your audience, it’s time to take that information to a list owner, list manager, or list broker. Read more

SMS Cell Phone List Opportunity

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SMS for business marketing

Since two-thirds of the worlds population owns a cell phone simply text messaging your customers on their cell phones special offers, value, and benefits your company wants to offer them right now.

SMS Lists

An SMS cell phone list is the most responsive list known to man for a local business as 100 % of text messages are read at this time in the market and customers tend to act on real value by coming in and spending their money.

To see how this works, imagine getting a coupon offer to your favorite store 5 minutes before you get off work. Maybe the offer is for a 50% savings on a Wendy’s chocolate frosty.

Everything is quick and measurable

As a loyal customer you did just that and were targeted for exactly what you opted in to receive. Of course you will go in and get that subway subs and hundreds of others will to in a large metro area like Dallas or Houston. In a smaller town the response may only be 50 – 100 people but still that is a huge bump in sales numbers for the work and pushing a button that sends out a text message.


There are legal problems with SMS text marketing you need to be aware of. There are no hard and fast laws on how marketers are to use SMS text messaging as a marketing device. You need to use common sense allowing your customers to opt-in with a auto-responder on your AWeber account.

A great way to use SMS text marketing is in retail, clothing, and restaurant businesses. Because you have a very high responsive list with SMS text marketing you only need to offer real value and benefit to your customers to easily increase ROI.

Text message marketing works best with retail venues like clothing stores, jewelry stores, music venues, and restaurants. The way to see a case study example is to look at how innovative companies are using it in retail malls.

SMS texting is a service that requires immediate action since this is the new marketing channel. For more information on finding and buildingAllow me to help you implement your next strategic marketing plan focused on your niche. I will make the most of what you already have by analyzing your biggest strengths and exploiting your competition.

Timothy Little – Direct Marketing Consultant

Tim Little
1 (888) 889-0552

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Mailing Lists Opportunity Seekers

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The current economy remains very depressed…

in most area’s of the country and the number of people looking to improve their lives with the many get rich schemes that are out there on the market will only be increasing.

Direct marketing is not another get rich scheme but is a proven and very practical way for anyone to find a profitable market niche if they are willing to put forth the effort.

Finding and testing niches from in-depth research in direct marketing methods can be a very practical way of earning a part-time or even full time income.

This is not one of those get rich quick schemes. This is the real deal. It requires little time for anything. Is a business mailing list. You begin to notice the money in your mailbox within a couple of weeks.

Many opportunity seekers have made a great deal of money by testing lists in niches that they understand and test lists and try to break-even in your marketing campaign or show a small gain. You normally start with lists of around 5,000 and build from this. This opportunity list could be a telephone list of cell phone users that are looking to get out of debt from their credit cards. This could be a email list or direct mail postcard that you are testing.

When testing these campaigns be sure to have the best equipment that will quickly and accurately complete your campaigns.ncrease your labeling and mailing efficiency with the 450 twin Turbo label printer. TThis Dymo Label Writer twin Turbo Label Printer allows you to · Print fast – up to 71 labels per minute**, 40% faster than their base model this saves not only time but productivity. Don’t ever spend time switching labels in your old printer again. The 450 Twin Turbo labelwriter printer

Dynamic combo Print and Mail

his label printer holds two label rolls, so you can print labels and postage even faster.  The twin printers enables you to create and print address, shipping, file, folder and barcode labels, plus personalize those targeted mailings with flats and large envelopes – all without the extra work and hassles of printing sheet labels on a standard desktop printer.

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Direct Mail Lists Fudamentals

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Direct mail lists

..from acquisition is the lifeblood of your business

Yet which lists are normally the top performing lists? This requires research and knowing your customer file the top 20% produces up to 80% of your business.

Direct Mail List Fundamentals

Direct mail lists generally fall under three Segments:

Company owned lists your CRM:
They are direct mail (or email) lists that you’ve got created by yourself. From purchases that your customers make if you ship merchandise than you collect when shipping or emailing information from opt-in boxes on company Websites

Companies could also create their very own “house lists” as a result lists are called by employing records of previous purchases and brings about produce a basic email list. For direct mail,
you may use physical addresses without tacit permission. For e mail marketing, use an opt-in method in support of conduct permission-based marketing avoiding getting

Response lists:

Response lists are rented by companies that specialize in mailing lists, called list brokers. This type of list will depend on past purchasing or response behavior and could include catalog e-mail lists, direct mail or direct television buyers, or magazine subscribers. Many companies generate profits by renting their list seem to other individuals.

List brokers often increase the selections for an extra fee, including 3 month buyers. This enables someone to target those who have recently bought this kind of item. Again, depending on a lot of data from many industries, these include people almost certainly to retort again to similar offers, which is the reason direct marketers search for such lists.

Compiled lists:

Compiled lists are set up or compiled from public record information. Such lists used to be according to DMV records these days are mostly typed into computers completely from telephone books. Sometimes public data for instance census info is appended to the list, providing some chance to sort by income and other factors from census data. Compiled lists would be the most affordable but the lowest amount of prone to reply to specific offers. The best compiled lists are B2B Group Database

There are general list brokers who present you with a wide selection of mailing lists and specialist for example Market Data Retrieval that focus solely on on industry, for instance education in the MDR example.

Renting Mailing Lists

When you’ve found a firm offering lists, search their catalog or talk with a subscriber base broker for the phone. Share your ideal client profile; who are you targeting? Their email list brokers will suggest several lists and email or fax you data cards. Such cards provide you with the info about their email list: who is renting it, whether it’s compiled or response, and data selects available. For both consumer and Business to Business be sure to visit B2B Group Database

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Hot Marketing Mailing Lists Selection Tips

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Choosing the best quality list is the most important stage of running a direct marketing campaign.

If You’re Looking To Justify Cost

Determine what the lifetime value of your best customers are. Try to calculate the yearly revenue generated from your best customers.

The mailing lists is the last area that you should try to reduce costs, since you must select lists based on the very best profiles of your current customers. To save money test the minimum quantity of 5,000 emails and follow-up with a telephone call to determine the relevance of the list you selected,

Decisions you make can have far reaching implications on conversion rates, profitability and wastage.

Experts often advise that one should spend half of the direct marketing planning time for sourcing a good quality and relevant list. The list selection is the most important decision to be made and getting expert advice from a qualified list broker is important.

But how to choose correct and high quality mailing lists to make sure that those will help you in generating well enough sales leads?

List targeting

Check whether or not the names on the list match your target market. For example, if you have a business of sports wear you would definitely not wish to contact chefs or writers or teachers. You would in that case only target sports personnel. This is the list profiling that you must do.

Likewise your target should only contain names of those who can use or buy your products and so you should only go for ‘response list’ and not for ‘compiled’.

List age

Ask if the list you are buying or renting is the fresh one or years old. If latter is the case, make sure the vendor does data cleansing before you purchase the list.


For extra money you can test the most recent customer. Without testing your not marketing you’re gambling.


Check how much the list can penetrate your target market. For penetrating effectively, it should contain enough detailed information so as to hit the target perfectly.

Multi or Single?

Single use mailing lists cost less and should expire after one time use. They are old lists with almost no maintenance or cleansing. Multiple usage lists will cost more but can be used many times and will contain potential prospects’ details. Normally you can double the costs when you select a list for multi-use. Hoover’s Business Information has provided direct marketing campaigns with e-mail and mailing lists for over 30 years. With only the cleanest and most up-to-date data, DYMO Label Writer Twin Turbo direct marketing resources can make all the difference in the success of your campaign.

Online Mailing Lists

I can help you with call me at 1 (888) 889-0552 Toll Free! for free consultation or email at

Direct Marketing Mailing List Check counts instantly online 24/7.

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Hot New Trends in Email Design and Marketing

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Usage of animated gifs

in the emails of major online retailers is up more than 100 percent this year. That’s because animation’s movement is eye-catching and offers up a variety of creative opportunities.

Testing is the best way to determine if animation works for you animated versions of emails have generated several additional percentage points of clickthroughs.

Personalization and triggered emails. Along with segmentation and dynamic content, triggered emails are becoming critical to maximizing the performance of your email program.

Testing is the best way to determine in small groups of a 100 to see which segments perform the best

Examples would be showing comparisons of complimentory items like Amazon based on past buying purchases or preferences after checking out with shopping cart.

Both examples are highly targeted and packed with personalized information, which dramatically boost performance.

Rendering is critical. According to the latest research 60% of email users block images by default. That figure has done nothing but climb in recent years, so this is a reality that must be confronted when designing emails.

Using preheader text, alt text and HTML text instead of graphical text when possible are all ways to convey your message when images are blocked.

The “2010 Email Design Look Book” includes a novel example from Nike of designing for blocked images. The retailer used several blocks with background colors to spur subscribers to enable images. Once enabled, the images worked seamlessly with the background color blocks.

Nontraditional interactivity. To help wake up subscribers who may be tuning them out, more brands are sending emails that deviate significantly from email norms.

Horizontal-scrolling emails are perhaps the most visible and talked about example of this tactic at work, but there are certainly other approaches.

DYMO Label Writer Twin Turbo The perfect printer for any small business! See why people rave about this direct mail marketing printer and why you can’t survive without it!

About The Author

Tim G. Little has a BS in Business Administration, and has worked in the magazine publication and circulation management for the past 20 years. As an Internet Publisher and Entrepreneur, he has developed a website to help small business entrepreneurs find the best mailing list and marketing programs ps: I would like to recommend a tool to you to help find Boost Sales… Gain Market Share.. . With Focused List Selection, Tips and Tools for Finding the Perfect List. Once you e-mail segments, track how they differently they react to messaging options. 


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More American fortunes are based on direct marketing and direct mail than on any other one thing, and mastering the profitable use of DIRECT MAIL

This has been my #1 media of choice for more than 20 years, and I have made more money for my clients with direct mail marketing than with many other media combined including e-mail and social media. anyone can benefit from improved, and smarter use of DIRECT MAIL, whether the owner of a small, local business or an international corporation, insurance sales professional, internet marketer, or self-employed professional in private practice.

I know from expereince that most people who use – or try to use and are unsatisfied with – direct mail marketing, to their own customers or to acquire customers, approach it in uncompetitive way, primitive and uneffective mannor…with all the focus on the copy, the offer, and gimmicks, and far too little attention given “THE list and connecting with the prospect.

Challenges Facing Direct Marketers Here’s What the Unlocking the truth direct mail is about!

The NEW Economy:

Consumers are becoming more discerning, thoughtful and increasingly resistant to irrelevant, common, unessential marketing messages.

This is all about unlocking the secrets of DIRECT MAIL that make your marketing message relevant, extraordinary, and important.

How Important are Lists:

It’s not brain surgery but using lists can be complicated, confusing, and frustrating that’s why I’m here (especially to those who don’t use them regularly).

When you hear what I have to share about lists, list selection, and list segmentation, you’ll ‘see the light’. You’ll have a better appreciation for lists, more motivation to use them, and you’ll know how to use them more effectively than 99% of marketers.

With full, in-depth understanding of ALL the puzzle-pieces including lists,

list selection, list segmentation and smart use of your lists, you will gain the competitive advantage – so you can make each marketing dollar do the work of ten. If you have been following my blogs that you know about the tools I recommend that will save you time and money.

  • GROW your business even in the tough economy
  • Find targeted customers (Most marketers are happy to attract anybody with a pulse
  • And of equal or greater importance, extract a great deal more patronage and profit from your past and present customers and accumulated/unconverted leads through list division and better list use.

There is, I promise you, amazing, untapped “stored value” in your existent lists.

h1>Until next time, here is to your continued success!


DYMO Label Writer Twin Turbo The perfect printer for any small business! See why people rave about this direct mail marketing printer and why you can’t survive without it!

About the Author:

Tim G. Little has a BS in Business Administration, and has worked in the magazine publication and circulation management for the past 20 years. As an Internet Publisher and Entrepreneur, he has developed a website to help small business entrepreneurs find the best mailing list and marketing programs ps: I would like to recommend a tool to you to help find Boost Sales… Gain Market Share.. . With Focused List Selection, Tips and Tools for Finding the Perfect List. Once you e-mail segments, track how they differently they react to messaging options.

Buying Mailing Lists

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The majority of small business entrepreneurs are destined to fail primarily because of the lack of business knowledge. Direct mail marketing is a field in which a little knowledge can be enough to destroy your business.

Buying Mailing Lists

The facts are cold prospecting to outside mailings rarely produces enough responses to produce a profit. You will more than likely buy a new customer at a loss as far as the upfront costs involved. Profits will be earned by retaining the customer for future sales.

Direct mail is a business in which one-tenth of 1 percent maybe the difference between profit and loss. The business of buying lists and direct mail is to create customers, not sales and that’s about making a profit by selling to the same customer again and again.

Do not make the mistake that buying a list and that coordinating a mailing is easy. This is a business for professionals who know products, markets, media, analysis and back-end control. Some one starting out in the business needs a great deal of luck, persistence and a helping hand to keep from an initial or continuous disaster.

Online Mailing Lists

E-mail lists will net normally a tenth of the response that direct mail campaigns. Unless you developed your own opt-in, targeted online mailing list. If you have a focused Website with a continuous flow of qualified unique visitors. Your hosting company can provide you with customer profiles based on geographic area, type of internet connection, how long they browse on your Web pages, which pages net the most unique visits, name and email address. Meet, Share, Collaborate – Try MegaMeeting.comVideo & Web Conferencing Now!

The other option is to append email addresses to the mailing list or customer lists that you already own. List service providers can do this quickly and in-expensively in contrast to purchasing opt-in lists that your list compiler will email blast for you.

Testing Mailing Lists

The sins of list usage include testing a starter mailer on only one list. It is recognized that response varies depending on:

  • Copy – of the words used
  • Package – how those words are clothed
  • Offer – the proposition
  • Timing – the time of the proposition is received
  • Market – The list or medium, to which the offer

It is evident that one test cell does not constitute the end of testing but only the beginning of direct mail campaign.

Click Here for list inquiry!>

The Ever-Evolving List Industry

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My latest issue of Direct Marketing News, 30th anniversary edition just arrived in the mail. I love this publication dearly, since it covers everything from e-mail list compilers, searching the net, to Web analysis.

This edition covers the history of direct response from Bob Stone co-wrote the book “Successful Direct Marketing Methods” it was a business best seller and I have a copy.

Lester Wunderman another direct marketing legend in 1967 addressed the Massachussets Institute of Technology on the practice of direct marketing and paved the way for thousands of direct marketing practitioners.

The list industry was a hot place during the 1970’s for entrepreneurs with good ideas and marketing knowledge. The new technologies were just starting to replace the old card and file systems. Imagine companies like IBM keeping their customer lists on index cards.

Today, again the industry has changed with the digital era and marketers are more focused on data quality and costs factors. The engine behind the growth of direct marketing during the digital age was the technology behind it. Marketers were starting to store large amounts of data and the engine that drove the growth were the list and data guys.

Those list and data guys introduced the innovative techniques like age enhancements and demographics. The key differences over the last 30 years is that the quality and depth of the data that was available had increased greatly.

Today, fast access to information and the ability to merge great amounts of data became more feasible and the ability to append demographics and other information gave lists the ability to do greater segmentation. Later came modeling, analysis, reaching the right people with the right message and later the internet.

The Money Is In The List

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Close List Selection and Analysis

Is the first step to ensuring a successful direct response program both online and off.

The money is in the list and in this sense the internet has not changed this fact. Today, it is much less expensive to collect and test different offers with the speed of the Internet. This is the same way publishers have sold magazine subscriptions and books since the beginning of the century.

The only difference today is that the Internet has made it much faster and cheaper to compile permission based opt-in lists online.

Even a great product at a reduced price would be useless if it is presented to the wrong prospects. You must target your prospect to generate traffic for your product by Web site or mail.

Most lists fall into two categories compiled lists or direct response lists. Compiled lists are phone directories annual membership rosters, and manufacturing directories.

Response lists are just as they imply they have responded and purchased a targeted product or service recently, because of this fact they are most likely to purchase a similar item again.

Response lists are common for magazine subscriptions or lists of prospects that have purchased life insurance or indexed annuities recently.

Standard Rates and Data Services (SRDS) are directories of response lists. They will include quantities and descriptions of each list for sale.

Direct Marketing Strategy:

The offer is often referred to as the deal.

This is what people get for there money. Whether you’re planning a direct marketing strategy, evaluating a campaign or writing an ad much of the work revolves around three important elements. The offer the list and the creative and these elements work together or separately to make your direct marketing promotion work.

The offer is the product or service being sold and includes any warranties, guarantees, features, and price and credit terms. The offer could also be the actions someone needs to take to place an order like a shopping cart or form on a Web site or reply card in a bulk mailing.

Offers separate general advertising from direct response. General advertising often excludes the critical information that should always be included in direct response advertising.

Direct response puts all the necessary information together in an offer and tells the reader exactly how to respond. People expect offers in direct response advertising. You must give the prospective customer a reason to respond like limited offer or special bonus, since the purchase is impulsive in nature.

The offer is often referred to as the deal. This is what people get for there money. Whether you’re planning a direct marketing strategy, evaluating a campaign or writing an ad much of the work revolves around three important elements. The offer the list and the creative and these elements work together or separately to make your direct marketing promotion work.

The offer is the product or service being sold and includes any warranties, guarantees, features, and price and credit terms. The offer could also be the actions someone needs to take to place an order like.Who’s the leader in your market?

The Interactive Book of Lists is the #1 source for fresh content and unique insights on Leading Companies in local markets. Learn how you can elevate your sales prospecting, business research and marketing to the next level. Your marketing plan SWOT analysis will define your unique selling proposition and your competitors unmet customer needs, gaps and weaknesses. This will be your source to analyze weaknesses with a strategic plan that will gain market share with a unique competitive advantage.

The data sheet and a free 30 day trail:

.6 million registered users
9.1 million unique visitors per month
61.1% Male
38.9% Female
Median age: 47
College educated: 87%
Average HHI: $92,780
User portfolio value average: $500,000+

Over the past 30 days:

49% influence purchasing decisions at their company
63% are in top or middle management
83% read business news online
80% shopped online
74% made a purchase online
*Source for “over the past 30 days”: Nielsen @Plan, Spring ’09

The Interactive Book of Lists is a digital, searchable compilation of the print edition of the Book of Lists; a powerful regionalized business intelligence tool that outlines companies who are leaders in their categories of business.

bizjournals is the online media division of American City Business Journals. It operates the Web sites for each of the company’s 40 print business journals and separate online only site with local business news and information for Los Angeles.

bizjournals’ 3.6 million registered users rely on the site for updated news and information on their local communities.

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