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More American fortunes are based on direct marketing and direct mail than on any other one thing, and mastering the profitable use of DIRECT MAIL

This has been my #1 media of choice for more than 20 years, and I have made more money for my clients with direct mail marketing than with many other media combined including e-mail and social media. anyone can benefit from improved, and smarter use of DIRECT MAIL, whether the owner of a small, local business or an international corporation, insurance sales professional, internet marketer, or self-employed professional in private practice.

I know from expereince that most people who use – or try to use and are unsatisfied with – direct mail marketing, to their own customers or to acquire customers, approach it in uncompetitive way, primitive and uneffective mannor…with all the focus on the copy, the offer, and gimmicks, and far too little attention given “THE list and connecting with the prospect.

Challenges Facing Direct Marketers Here’s What the Unlocking the truth direct mail is about!

The NEW Economy:

Consumers are becoming more discerning, thoughtful and increasingly resistant to irrelevant, common, unessential marketing messages.

This is all about unlocking the secrets of DIRECT MAIL that make your marketing message relevant, extraordinary, and important.

How Important are Lists:

It’s not brain surgery but using lists can be complicated, confusing, and frustrating that’s why I’m here (especially to those who don’t use them regularly).

When you hear what I have to share about lists, list selection, and list segmentation, you’ll ‘see the light’. You’ll have a better appreciation for lists, more motivation to use them, and you’ll know how to use them more effectively than 99% of marketers.

With full, in-depth understanding of ALL the puzzle-pieces including lists,

list selection, list segmentation and smart use of your lists, you will gain the competitive advantage – so you can make each marketing dollar do the work of ten. If you have been following my blogs that you know about the tools I recommend that will save you time and money.

  • GROW your business even in the tough economy
  • Find targeted customers (Most marketers are happy to attract anybody with a pulse
  • And of equal or greater importance, extract a great deal more patronage and profit from your past and present customers and accumulated/unconverted leads through list division and better list use.

There is, I promise you, amazing, untapped “stored value” in your existent lists.

h1>Until next time, here is to your continued success!


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About the Author:

Tim G. Little has a BS in Business Administration, and has worked in the magazine publication and circulation management for the past 20 years. As an Internet Publisher and Entrepreneur, he has developed a website to help small business entrepreneurs find the best mailing list and marketing programs ps: I would like to recommend a tool to you to help find Boost Sales… Gain Market Share.. . With Focused List Selection, Tips and Tools for Finding the Perfect List. Once you e-mail segments, track how they differently they react to messaging options.

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