Local and Mobile Direct Marketing

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With more than 300 million mobile phone users across the US

They access their mobile web from their devices and this creates a new opportunity for marketers this is bigger than SEO, Google or Facebook since the growth is even faster.

If you are looking to leverage your advertising dollars across new mediums. Whether the mission is sell more products, increase brand awareness or beef up an existing customer database, mobile marketing is proving itself as a viable option for companies of all sizes and across all industries.

Many companies are still trying to figure out the Internet while their competitors are stealing market share.

Few have a focused plan when marketing cell phones and many marketers are missing the boat – text messaging is the foundation of mobile marketing, but it’s certainly not the only option.

Few companies can afford to ignore these new technologies and they include:

Mobile Marketing: Incorporate a call to action or brand banner ad into a mobile application and you’re using mobile advertising. Develop a mobile website along with your regular make a compelling offer to get them to like you call or email.Many marketers have tested that these perform about five times better than Internet ad placements do, making them especially attractive for companies looking for better response rates from their mobile efforts.

Location-Based Mobile Foursquare is one of several companies that are making inroads in the location-based mobile media field. Foursquare allows users to collect points, prize “badges” and coupons for going about their everyday business and for letting other people know exactly what they’re up to. Users link those activities to Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets, but location-based mobile is also applicable for businesses.

Companies use the service to offer promotions, build brand awareness, attract new customers and reward their top clients.

Real estate firms are using QR codes to advertise their for-sale listings and retailers are using them to offer mobile coupons. Home Shopping Network (HSN) recently started using this mobile marketing technique by placing QR codes in the corner of the television screen during its sales pitches.

Customers who used their phones to scan the codes were delivered to a product page on HSN’s mobile website, and were able to link to a checkout page, enter their credit card numbers and close the deal.

Google Adwords Marketing: When you type in keywords into your mobile web browser and generated a pop-up ad from a local car dealership along with the search results, then you’ve been exposed to the concept of proximity marketing.

Proximity marketing works well for marketers looking to target current, past and prospective customers in specific geographical locations.

One of the newer mobile marketing options, proximity marketing relies on transmitters that are installed in select public locations and target the exact spot where the customer is standing.

Sent to the user’s phone, the marketing message includes a request for permission for content to be delivered to the device. A longtime entry on every marketer’s “wish list,” proximity marketing is expected to gain ground over the next few years as users become accustomed to being marketed to via cell phone and mobile device.
As mobile marketing continues to mature, expect to see more ideas and approaches proliferating. Considered affordable and fairly easy to implement, mobile marketing serves as yet another viable option for companies looking to squeeze the most ROI from their advertising dollars.

Local and Mobile

Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing has benefits, but is new and growing faster than any other type of direct marketing.

Despite the growth in the use of smartphones and tablets, most businesses are still missing the mark with mobile marketing. They lack an understanding on the intensive planning, costs and complexity requirements.

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Marketers don’t know whether they should invest in a mobile website or mobile app, or how to use text messages or QR codes. While larger companies can afford to test-drive several tactics to see what sticks, 2011 remained slow on the mobile front for the majority of marketers.

But fear not, mass adoption still awaits.

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Facebook Testing Coupons

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Facebook is joining the direct marketing wagon by testing coupons in their display ad starting December 15.

The Facebook ad unit will enable consumers to click to receive a coupon via email that can later be redeemed online. Companies will be able to attach coupons to posts on their Facebook business listings and followers will be able to share the coupons with friends and family.

Users who see the ad or the page post can click “Get Coupon.” This action can be posted to a user’s Wall. Users then receive an email from Facebook with the coupon and an option to share it with friends. Facebook tells us that pages who are part of this limited test can offer discounts that customers can redeem in-store or online.

This type of coupon promotion differs from Facebook Check-In Deals, which is a self-serve promotion tool that allows businesses to offer coupons to people who visit a location and check in with Facebook. Facebook Check-In Deals are only available through mobile.

This test is complementary to the other products we offer businesses and we hope to learn more about how this might work for both merchants and customers,” Facebook says.

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Mobile Advertising 2012

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2012 is not going to be the year that consumers say screw the coins and wallets when they leave home and just swipe their smartphones, it is going to be the year that major players like Google and MasterCard will actively roll out their cashless initiatives* around the world.

For consumers, the initial lure will be convenience, but eventually mobile payments will create an entirely new data-driven advertising of rewards, purchase history, deals and so on never seen before.See more here

These devices incorporate NFC (Near Field Communication), which allows for encrypted data exchange between two devices in close proximity to each other.

For instance: a reader located next to a retail cash register. Shoppers who have their credit card information stored in their NFC smartphones can pay for purchases by waving their smartphones near or tapping them on the reader, rather than using an actual credit card.

Just a few of the CASH-LESS initiatives to keep an eye on in 2012:

In October 2011

Google’s free, NFC-enabled mobile payment system Google Wallet became operational at a selection of retail chains across the US. Licensing MasterCard’s PayPass technology, shoppers simply tap their mobile device on special terminals at points-of-sale to pay instantly. In participating stores, they can also redeem special coupons, participate in sales promotions or gain loyalty points, simply by choosing to pay with Google Wallet.

In June 2011, US online payments processor PayPal demonstrated a mobile payments application for Android devices. Users install the app and activate the PayPal widget, and can then request to send or receive funds from another individual with a smartphone and PayPal account. Using NFC, the two users can then hold their devices together in order to instantly transfer funds. Also read article on Local Marketing.

Square is an electronic payments service which enables users to accept credit card payments by using a card-reading portable device connected to their iPhone, iPad or Android device. Both the Square card-reader and app are free, although there is a 2.75% charge for each payment made. Once the system has been set up, users can accept payments immediately.

In November 2011, Richard Branson and Visa became investors in the venture. In the same month, Square updated the app, allowing for a completely hands-free payment experience by simply saying your name.
Launched in Sweden in June 2011, iZettle is a device that enables consumers to accept credit card payments while on the go. The portable chip and pin reader plugs into iPhones or iPads and uses an iZettle app, meaning that card transactions can take place instantly. Bills can also be paid or money transferred using the device. There’s a facility to tag transactions with images, notes or location data, which users can post to Facebook and Twitter to share their purchases with friends.

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