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December 15, 2011 by
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Facebook is joining the direct marketing wagon by testing coupons in their display ad starting December 15.

The Facebook ad unit will enable consumers to click to receive a coupon via email that can later be redeemed online. Companies will be able to attach coupons to posts on their Facebook business listings and followers will be able to share the coupons with friends and family.

Users who see the ad or the page post can click “Get Coupon.” This action can be posted to a user’s Wall. Users then receive an email from Facebook with the coupon and an option to share it with friends. Facebook tells us that pages who are part of this limited test can offer discounts that customers can redeem in-store or online.

This type of coupon promotion differs from Facebook Check-In Deals, which is a self-serve promotion tool that allows businesses to offer coupons to people who visit a location and check in with Facebook. Facebook Check-In Deals are only available through mobile.

This test is complementary to the other products we offer businesses and we hope to learn more about how this might work for both merchants and customers,” Facebook says.

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