Choosing A Mailing List Manager

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The first step in choosing a Mailing List Manager is to determine your campaign goals and objectives.

Project Management Meeting

Project Management Meeting

This can be determined by referring to your annual marketing plan or direct marketing campaign schedule.

Do the research

Determine the most profitable clusters in your current customer CRM by purchased amount or frequency and clone the attributes based on:

  • Geography are they from your local state or metro area or are they national
  • Will you follow-up with a call, postcard or email to increase response rates
  • What industry or niche are they in?

This research will eliminate the extra costs of selecting broad range of prospects and focus on a  more targeted profile of current high ranking customers.

After you determine the best list attributes based on researching your customer database. Step 2:  is to either locate the best marketing and list company to handle your campaign. This can be determined by:

  • How often they update their data warehouse
  • Do they offer direct marketing services like list appending, MDS reverse encryption services
  • Direct mail, phone and email lists and services like suppressing the do not call from phone lists and double-opt in for emails
  • Does your list company offer wholesale pricing on lists and direct marketing services.

My partner The Leads Warehouse is a marketing company that strives to meet a variety of direct marketing needs. They offer data in over 40 different verticals and have more than 300 filtering options to custom tailor data. 

They offer phone leads, mailing lists, and email leads. They also have real-time leads, opt-in leads, inbound calls, and TV leads. If there is a lead-type you’re looking for, they have it.

If you have a need for data or direct marketing, they have a solution to fit your needs.

You will not find another lead generation company with our level of experience, product quality, pricing scale, and customer service.

View The Leads Warehouse website at:

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Lead Generation Secrets

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Lead Generation Secrets

by Tim Little


High Profit Sales Strategies using 80/20 Rule

What is the 80/20 Rule and why you need it in your sales lead strategy?

Is a simple way of looking at your sales and profit figures and identifying the largest sources of the contribution.

This report will show this technique for finding which which of your customers are profitable and which segments to market to and use the most profitable products and services that market.

The 80/20 Principle is essential for doing the right type of prospecting and segmenting and relating this to any business strategy, including the process of purchasing a list for your lead generation campaign.


It is important to seperate which customers are costing the most and knowing which customers are most profitable

I will show you how to use the 80/20 Principle in this way.

It is unfortuante that few marketers spend enough time thinking about who their best customers are instead many employ the mass marketing methods treating every client and prospect the same way. Chasing too many prospects or customers the same way will only escalte your marketing and selling costs and is highly in-efficient.

By using the 80/20 Principle together with integrated marketing lists that duplicates your top 20 percent most profitable customers you have the opportunity to be more strategic in your business.

Common sense dictates that if 80% of your income comes from such a small group of clients you should make sure you know who they are.

You can achieve this with an segmented marketing lists, that targets only the criteria of your very best customers taking into consideration the 80/20 Principle. This will be your most profitable and optimized customers that represent the business sector and industry, title, revenues, credit scores and geography.

There is database software programs that can run reports to spot customers who are providing a large part of your income and take steps to ensure they continue to do business with you. This is the segmentthem special invites, exclusive offers and regular courtesy calls.
These clients are the backbone of your business and your core top 20%. (I can help you with this process since lists and marketing databases are my area of expertise and this is the foundation of your marketing strategy)

Your Client Database will not only tell who they are, it will give you the tools to treat them like kings. While you should dedicate extra time and effort to your very best customers (the top 20%) this doesn’t mean you should ignore your mid level clients (the other 80%).

Segmentation is the key to understanding direct marketing profitability and this is the key to riches…

Some other reasons to segment the top 20% from the balance of Just as 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clientele, 80% of your headaches can be traced back to a very small group of clients. And these difficult clients are rarely your high value clients. If you really want to minimize your workload, identify these demanding clients and consider dropping them.

Many small businesses owners will know who these clients are immediately but in larger businesses it might not be so apparent. Use your segmented client database to track which clients that are causing the most problems, taking up staff time and creating the most delays.

Segmenting your product/services for superior customer service to only the top 20 most profitable (will save you a lot of money and boost your productivity 5 times fold) since this is your core like frequent shoppers and hig dollar volume shopers and segment the other 80 percent into less expensive marketing activites like mass emails or self-serve on website to lower marketing costs.

The following direct marketing strategy has proven to be the most successful methods for generating qualified appointments to any professional service business including insurance, accounting, consulting, acquaition of a business and manufacturing to mention only a few.

This strategy if executed correctly on a month to month basis will generate more business than you can possibly handle if it is executed by a professional direct response marketer. I can guarantee results and a return om investment for a small retainer. We have proven this year after year to the many clients that we have worked with over the years at my advertising agency.

Sales Leads that generate revenue quickly month over month and every year when executed with this direct mail marketing
strategy.Getting the lead and appointment…it’s what lead generation is all about

This program that combines direct mail with prospecting call campaigns to reach prospects one-on-one for increased response. During the calls, if we find a prospect that has an immediate need we will contact you that day. To support your sales team, in addition to making the initial prospecting call, we can send the response package and make the follow up call to set the appointment.

1. Direct Marketing List Selection Process

What segment or niche would respond to your offer? A great way to start is by analyzing your current customer base by who recently purchased an item, do they shop frequently what is the dollar volume.

New customers will likely be similar to the people who currently do business with you.

Identify your best customers first… recent purchase, dollar amount, frequencey

The top 20 percent segment can be seperated by how recently they purchased from you, but also by how frequently they purchase from you and the dollar volume they have purchased over their lifetime and most recently. direct mail campaigns and follow up calls.

Testing and segmenting the unique characteristics of your best and most profitable customers.

2. Personal Segmented Postcard

I can help you find the most profitable customer segments before you spend any more money on new lists. Then we mail your list a targeted postcard by segmentation and industry and top 20% .

After segmenting your customers by demographic or standard industrial information, so you can tailor your message to match their needs and interests, and increase the chances that they’ll act on your offer. For example if your are a local Certifeid Public Accountant you would first segment your most profitable customer using the 80/20 Principle after identifying the top 20 percent and purchasing propsective lists that mirror the top 20 percent you would than segment by industry and mail a large personal size postcard to them.

After mailing these segmented lists and postcards the next step is to set a

3. Leads – A sale can’t happen without acquiring a lead in the first place.

I have been successfully conducting lead generation campaigns for clients resulting in response rates of 10% to 30%. The campaigns include:

Including direct mail with inside sales calls, print and online advertising,
Sending response material that engages the prospect and begins to build the relationship with your company

The follow up and setting appointments if necessary with company President or Owner

Producing the print, digital and Internet components of the sales and marketing program control cost without sacrificing quality The next step is contacting the business owner or decision make and set appointments for your sales team in monthly cycles to reduce the chances of bad luck in these uncertain times.

By determining the best offers for prospects and providing insights into the changing economic constraints.

Reach Your Target Market Quicker Than Ever

We have an extensive database of all types of leads from IT professionals to software developers to computer builders. By targeting a community of computer and software professionals, you can build up your customer base even more – leading to more sales and increased profits.

Sales Lead Generation Services

Great sales lead generation services help you connect with potential customers so you can make more sales. At one time finding customers was as simple as putting up a sidewalk sign or opening a phone book and dialing some residents or businesses, but today those don’t target your market effectively enough. Most modern lead generators market to people who are already thinking of buying your product anyway. This can be done most efficiently on the internet.