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Email is everywhere and here to stay…

The ultimate mission is to open doors and get the appointment or make the sale as a lead generation tool. Many coaches and trainers will tell you that you should make your email message look like a personal letter as a way of standing out from the competition.

Here are three proven ways you can use that will make email seem more personal and more effective as a prospecting tool.

Write a email that you would like to receive. There is something special about receiving a nice email. Your goal is to write one the executive will remember. It doesn’t have to be full of issues that you can solve, it could be a letter of congratulations for an accomplishment that you heard about for example…

Congratulations on the opening of your new location. In today’s competitive market. it’s exciting to see such growth in your city, please think of me for any of your computer support.

You could also tease with an idea you’d like to share:

Congratulations on the success of your practice. I seen you advertisement in Advertising Age magazine and it looks great. I’m sure it will be very successful for you. Your advertisement caused me to go to your website to learn more. I think it could be effective in reaching the top 20% of your highest paying patients.

Integrate your approach

Emails are never easy to respond to as a voicemail, so follow-up with a phone call and than a letter. People respond differently based on their personal preference. Make it easy as possible for prospects to thank you for the nice email message you wrote and show appreciation by setting up an appointment.

Consider to send a fax Fax messages are not nearly as common as they we’re 10 years ago a nicely typed out fax message will get the attention of the decision maker and using a series of faxes will really stand out.

One cold call or email is never enough so always be testing a series of integrated messages that you can test to see which net the highest response level.

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Testing Your “Call To Action”

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If you do not include a solid call to action, than your copy will be weak and the response to your offering will decline.

You need to tell your customers the next step they need to take. And just as important, without a call to action, your marketing materials fail to create a sense of urgency.

Without telling your audience exactly what you want then to do they are  left with no direction and no urgency, you’ll probably receive little or no return on your investment.

Of course, if you have been using direct mail marketing even for a small time, you probably already know the importance of a solid call to action, but you may be wondering how, exactly, to write one that works.

Every call to action must be customized tested and perfected for a specific campaign, you must use your creativity and test several call to actions for every situation.

Keep in mind, though, that to reach “expert” level, you will need to test, test, and test some more before you find that perfect phrase that will generate the highest ROI for each marketing campaign.

The History of “Call To Action”

The first thing to remember when you write a call to action is the introductory verb you will use. The very first word of your call to action should be a action calling verb.

Keep the verb short and to the point, such as read, call, and click. As the video explains. Describe what you want them to do, and do so with confidence.

Give them a good reason for the person do something. Tell her how to accomplish whatever you’re telling her to do. “Call now, then display the phone number at the bottom of the screen. If your call to action is delivered email or Internat link customers to the appropriate page, or, even better, use a fancy call-to-action button. Depending on your market, customers might feel much more excited about clicking on a large, shiny, colorful button than a boring, everyday link.

Only give your customers one option to order with a limited time offer otherwise, they will most certainly talk themselves out of the purchase.


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