Free Dynamic Marketing Plan

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I’m offering a Free Dynamic Marketing Plan for 2016 for any small business in need of a lead generation promotion audit

What I do and what my website does is I work with business owners, people like yourself helping them to maximize their marketing success.

Most of my clients are small and medium sized companies with sales I work in a unique marketing approach.

My expertise is in list acquisition and lead generation locating the best lists that match your most profitable and best customers.

I generate leads through targeted lists and direct mail marketing with inside sales reps calling after the information has been received to develop warm leads for your sales people can close the sale.

What makes me different than we I try to find the decision maker and we send information and do a follow-up call several times.

Are you looking to increase sales right now? the reason I was trying to check in with you is I wanted to share an intriguing idea that could dramatically increase sales in your business 20 to 50% in a three to six month time-frame.

Give me a call toll free and I will offer you a Free Dynamic Marketing Plan for allowing me to survey your company. After you complete a 4 page survey and the opportunity to offer my services as a lead generation specialist.

See my background information at Tim Little – Marketing List Broker

LinkedIn Lead Generation Secrets

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Start a Group in LinkedIn

One of the best ways of building a network of targeted decision makers in your market is to stat your own LinkedIn group.

You simply start a new group in your LinkedIn account and start creating compelling questions from within your industry niche.

The next step is to compel members with engaging conversation related to their passion one time per week by email.

This market goes directly to their email inbox.

This blog is about generating leads with LinkedIn since leads are the lifeblood of any business.

You need to add value to your group to keep them engaged with information that is important or relevant. Read more

Why Cold Calling Is Not A Numbers Game

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Phone GirlWhat is cold calling?

Cold calling is what you do to meet your weekly sales quota with new prospects and this is not an optional skill. Without doing it you will not hit your sales quota for the week.

The biggest mistake that new sales people do when they first start cold calling happens during the first 20 seconds of a cold call and that is talk about your products and your company. Remember this isn’t about you it’s about the needs of your prospect. When you do that, you’re making the call about me.

What you need to be successful in cold calling.

Do you really need a script? Yes you really need one. Engaging a prospect in 20 seconds, disarming their flight mechanism, is extremely difficult. That’s why so few salespeople can do it. Read more

Choosing A Mailing List Manager

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The first step in choosing a Mailing List Manager is to determine your campaign goals and objectives.

Project Management Meeting

Project Management Meeting

This can be determined by referring to your annual marketing plan or direct marketing campaign schedule.

Do the research

Determine the most profitable clusters in your current customer CRM by purchased amount or frequency and clone the attributes based on:

  • Geography are they from your local state or metro area or are they national
  • Will you follow-up with a call, postcard or email to increase response rates
  • What industry or niche are they in?

This research will eliminate the extra costs of selecting broad range of prospects and focus on a  more targeted profile of current high ranking customers.

After you determine the best list attributes based on researching your customer database. Step 2:  is to either locate the best marketing and list company to handle your campaign. This can be determined by:

  • How often they update their data warehouse
  • Do they offer direct marketing services like list appending, MDS reverse encryption services
  • Direct mail, phone and email lists and services like suppressing the do not call from phone lists and double-opt in for emails
  • Does your list company offer wholesale pricing on lists and direct marketing services.

My partner The Leads Warehouse is a marketing company that strives to meet a variety of direct marketing needs. They offer data in over 40 different verticals and have more than 300 filtering options to custom tailor data. 

They offer phone leads, mailing lists, and email leads. They also have real-time leads, opt-in leads, inbound calls, and TV leads. If there is a lead-type you’re looking for, they have it.

If you have a need for data or direct marketing, they have a solution to fit your needs.

You will not find another lead generation company with our level of experience, product quality, pricing scale, and customer service.

View The Leads Warehouse website at:

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Lead Generation Secrets

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Lead Generation Secrets

by Tim Little


High Profit Sales Strategies using 80/20 Rule

What is the 80/20 Rule and why you need it in your sales lead strategy?

Is a simple way of looking at your sales and profit figures and identifying the largest sources of the contribution.

This report will show this technique for finding which which of your customers are profitable and which segments to market to and use the most profitable products and services that market.

The 80/20 Principle is essential for doing the right type of prospecting and segmenting and relating this to any business strategy, including the process of purchasing a list for your lead generation campaign.


It is important to seperate which customers are costing the most and knowing which customers are most profitable

I will show you how to use the 80/20 Principle in this way.

It is unfortuante that few marketers spend enough time thinking about who their best customers are instead many employ the mass marketing methods treating every client and prospect the same way. Chasing too many prospects or customers the same way will only escalte your marketing and selling costs and is highly in-efficient.

By using the 80/20 Principle together with integrated marketing lists that duplicates your top 20 percent most profitable customers you have the opportunity to be more strategic in your business.

Common sense dictates that if 80% of your income comes from such a small group of clients you should make sure you know who they are.

You can achieve this with an segmented marketing lists, that targets only the criteria of your very best customers taking into consideration the 80/20 Principle. This will be your most profitable and optimized customers that represent the business sector and industry, title, revenues, credit scores and geography.

There is database software programs that can run reports to spot customers who are providing a large part of your income and take steps to ensure they continue to do business with you. This is the segmentthem special invites, exclusive offers and regular courtesy calls.
These clients are the backbone of your business and your core top 20%. (I can help you with this process since lists and marketing databases are my area of expertise and this is the foundation of your marketing strategy)

Your Client Database will not only tell who they are, it will give you the tools to treat them like kings. While you should dedicate extra time and effort to your very best customers (the top 20%) this doesn’t mean you should ignore your mid level clients (the other 80%).

Segmentation is the key to understanding direct marketing profitability and this is the key to riches…

Some other reasons to segment the top 20% from the balance of Just as 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clientele, 80% of your headaches can be traced back to a very small group of clients. And these difficult clients are rarely your high value clients. If you really want to minimize your workload, identify these demanding clients and consider dropping them.

Many small businesses owners will know who these clients are immediately but in larger businesses it might not be so apparent. Use your segmented client database to track which clients that are causing the most problems, taking up staff time and creating the most delays.

Segmenting your product/services for superior customer service to only the top 20 most profitable (will save you a lot of money and boost your productivity 5 times fold) since this is your core like frequent shoppers and hig dollar volume shopers and segment the other 80 percent into less expensive marketing activites like mass emails or self-serve on website to lower marketing costs.

The following direct marketing strategy has proven to be the most successful methods for generating qualified appointments to any professional service business including insurance, accounting, consulting, acquaition of a business and manufacturing to mention only a few.

This strategy if executed correctly on a month to month basis will generate more business than you can possibly handle if it is executed by a professional direct response marketer. I can guarantee results and a return om investment for a small retainer. We have proven this year after year to the many clients that we have worked with over the years at my advertising agency.

Sales Leads that generate revenue quickly month over month and every year when executed with this direct mail marketing
strategy.Getting the lead and appointment…it’s what lead generation is all about

This program that combines direct mail with prospecting call campaigns to reach prospects one-on-one for increased response. During the calls, if we find a prospect that has an immediate need we will contact you that day. To support your sales team, in addition to making the initial prospecting call, we can send the response package and make the follow up call to set the appointment.

1. Direct Marketing List Selection Process

What segment or niche would respond to your offer? A great way to start is by analyzing your current customer base by who recently purchased an item, do they shop frequently what is the dollar volume.

New customers will likely be similar to the people who currently do business with you.

Identify your best customers first… recent purchase, dollar amount, frequencey

The top 20 percent segment can be seperated by how recently they purchased from you, but also by how frequently they purchase from you and the dollar volume they have purchased over their lifetime and most recently. direct mail campaigns and follow up calls.

Testing and segmenting the unique characteristics of your best and most profitable customers.

2. Personal Segmented Postcard

I can help you find the most profitable customer segments before you spend any more money on new lists. Then we mail your list a targeted postcard by segmentation and industry and top 20% .

After segmenting your customers by demographic or standard industrial information, so you can tailor your message to match their needs and interests, and increase the chances that they’ll act on your offer. For example if your are a local Certifeid Public Accountant you would first segment your most profitable customer using the 80/20 Principle after identifying the top 20 percent and purchasing propsective lists that mirror the top 20 percent you would than segment by industry and mail a large personal size postcard to them.

After mailing these segmented lists and postcards the next step is to set a

3. Leads – A sale can’t happen without acquiring a lead in the first place.

I have been successfully conducting lead generation campaigns for clients resulting in response rates of 10% to 30%. The campaigns include:

Including direct mail with inside sales calls, print and online advertising,
Sending response material that engages the prospect and begins to build the relationship with your company

The follow up and setting appointments if necessary with company President or Owner

Producing the print, digital and Internet components of the sales and marketing program control cost without sacrificing quality The next step is contacting the business owner or decision make and set appointments for your sales team in monthly cycles to reduce the chances of bad luck in these uncertain times.

By determining the best offers for prospects and providing insights into the changing economic constraints.

Reach Your Target Market Quicker Than Ever

We have an extensive database of all types of leads from IT professionals to software developers to computer builders. By targeting a community of computer and software professionals, you can build up your customer base even more – leading to more sales and increased profits.

Sales Lead Generation Services

Great sales lead generation services help you connect with potential customers so you can make more sales. At one time finding customers was as simple as putting up a sidewalk sign or opening a phone book and dialing some residents or businesses, but today those don’t target your market effectively enough. Most modern lead generators market to people who are already thinking of buying your product anyway. This can be done most efficiently on the internet.

Cold Calling Ideas

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These cold calling ideas came from some of the best of LinkedIn forums.

The first step is to purchase a very targeted list from me in your industry with researched attributes, than study the prospects profile and industry to determine strengths and weaknesses.

The next step is to conduct some research on your prospect through Google, LinkedIn, and other sources so that you will turn your cold call into a warm call. Than you articulate your dialogue or email with “I read your story in…We are connected through LinkedIn and…” etc.

The research conducted previously should include dialogue from pre-existing discussions over LinkedIn (or other Social Media sites) is far more productive–this gives a far greater arena in which to discuss the prospect’s issues (e.g. pain points).

First, because we do better when we have focus, delineate marketing (cold calling) from selling. Selling happens once you and the prospect agree to discuss the business fit. The objective for marketing is to open the door for that — not to have the sales conversations.

During the research stage study the prospect’s website to determine whether they need the services that your company provide and in what form or format you will deliver your services. Always speak immediately about the needs of the prospect and *not* about your interests or company history instead focus on specialization and remember that the prospect and his needs come first.

When the receptionist or gatekeeper asks… Is this a sales call?

Your answer should be I don’t know yet. If there’s a fit for what I’m offering it might be; otherwise, it’s not. We developed 7954017-beautiful-woman-with-headset-onsome pretty interesting new ideas and tools to help clients that rely on my widget to save time and money; but I have no way of knowing if these ideas would be profitable in your business. I’d like to ask them a few questions to see if it would be worth our time to talk further.

If I get through to the decision maker on the initial call or have been transferred from the screen….
If I get through to the decision maker on the initial call or have been transferred from the screen….

Hi [name], my name is [insert name] and I’m with [insert company name]. We’ve never met, but I’ve worked with some other [industry – business type- niche – specialty – vertical] like yours to [increase – reduce – identify] their [insert product / service] and thought we might benefit from knowing one another.

This introduction is short and makes the prospect very curious to know what the pitch is.

Prospects are always surprised when you tell them that you have researched there industry and viewed there profile on LinkedIn. Try to bond with them if you can find common profile attributes like college, sports and family.

[Name], I’ve done some background research on your company, but only on what is publicly available. So I won’t do you the disservice of making any recommendations for your company without a thorough understanding of your unique situation. I was calling today to see if you would be willing to schedule about an [15 – 20 – 30 –hour] conversation to get to know each other and for me to understand your situation in more depth.

The payoff to you is that even if we never end up working together, you’ll have a good resource for information and I should be able to share some valuable insights of what others in your industry are doing differently to get [the solution you are calling on]. Would you be willing to invest about [desired amount of time] of your time?

Cold Calling Techniques Demonstration

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Lead Generation With Video

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The leap to online video has been hot….

and it’s getting even hotter when executed with direct marketing methods.

Using video in combination with direct marketing methods can achieve unreal response rates. In fact this maybe the direct marketing turn around that your campaign needs to get it to the next level.

Direct marketing gives the online video more structure with testing, analysis and a call-to-action. Disciplined direct marketers normally test and analyze their campaigns to improve response rates and conversions for better ROI.

This is why online video combined with the structure of direct marketing can be deadly.

Gary Hennerberg the author of Online Video Deep Dive.

Claims that he can achieve a response rate of over 20% this is unheard of when direct mail is considered a success when it reaches a response rate of 2%. What he does with online video is brilliant and uses…

A short video on a website to convince someone to opt-into your website sales pitch

You need to make your online video interesting – try setting up an intriguing premise, reveal a little of the story, and importantly, you bring people into your sales funnel when you capture an email address. The Deep Dive: if selling your product doesn’t typically happen on impulse, and you must first build trust, you can tell your story over short, strategically sequenced video clips, delivered via email autoresponders over time.

How to Use Video For Lead Generation for Sky High Profits

Gary claims his direct marketing online campaign achieves a 20 percent lift in sales—with video as the central delivery vehicle. This is the type of lead generation opt-in you can use to get live leads from a website you simply record a series of short videos that engage your niche with direct response marketing testing . You must produce an engaging video campaign your  3 principles

The three words we use to describe this marketing transformation are:

  • Purpose – must be relevance to niche to serve them
  • Frequency – a series of 5 videos or chapters go behind the scenes building trust with clients
  • Free – Demonstrate your product tell a story, educate, without strings attached.

Using these concepts, you can supercharge email and social media using online video, renew
Explain a complicated service in detail like SAS analysis. Imagine trying to describe how to find the most profitable niches inside of a CRM database. Implement using analysis techniques pulling this data and segment into 19 buckets and append with streaming customer credit scores to 20 million records.

This is a good strategy for selling products that require more explanation. The Deep Dive: Video can shortcut the visualization-and engagement-of a complex concept that words on a page can’t accomplish quickly enough before the reader loses interest.

Direct Mail marketing to the masses is expensive and highly in-effective since only 1% may respond to your offer. Non-profits can save an enormous amount of fundraising cost. by moving online and creating compelling video for constituents. Interview people you’ve touched. State your case. Engage. Reaching millions for pennies rather than $100,000 or more you can test and get results and analysis much faster.

Integrate social media with online video and encourage comments, recommendations, and shares. You get branding and mass exposure with little to no cost when integrating.

More Information On Lead Generation With Video

Lead Generation

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Lead Generation Strategies

7954017-beautiful-woman-with-headset-onIncrease your chances that the next lead you call turns into new business by learning the best days and best times.

According to an in-depth study conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology the second worst day to make cold calls is Tuesday. This is a according to a three day study of six companies this report wrote that Monday is the second worst day nest to Tuesday.

Of all days used for co;d calling Thursday will have the best odds of turning that cold lead into a sale. In fact this MIT study determined that Thursday is 19% better thank god it’s Friday.

The Best Times for calling

This MIT study also determined the best times to make your first call is between 8 and 9 a.m. before business hours and your chances of breaking through to the decision maker will be greater if you call late in the afternoon between 3-4 p.m.

I sometimes make over a 100 cold call each day and I often have my best luck later in the afternoon since I cold call small manufacturing President or Owners in Michigan and the east coast. I think it is best to experiment to discover your best groove. Allow me to do the same for you

Lead Generation Techniques

This MIT study also determined that calling between 6-7 p.m., after business hours is among the best. The only way to know for sure is to buy a list from me and experiment by calling several thousand prospects over several month.

More Lead Generation Tips


List Building For Profit

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Profile your ideal customer

What segment or niche would respond to your offer? A great way to start is by analyzing your current customer base by who recently purchased an item, do they shop frequently what is the dollar volume. New customers will likely be similar to the people who currently do business with you.

Identify your best customers first… recent purchase, dollar amount, frequencey
customer databases or invoices, delivery information. These tell you who your customers are, what they buy, how often they shop, and how much they spend. Look for the
people who bought from you most recently, most often, and who spent the most money.

Understand your model customer the 80/20 Rule
Approximately 80% of your sales comes from the 20% percent of your database. Find them and ay attention to characteristics such as age, gender, income, and where they

Understanding Marketing Lists

One easy way to do this is to through Eye/Comm’s data analysis tools. Utilizing survey research to identify consumers’ values, attitudes, and product preferences.

Testing these segments to find the most profitable list

Testing and segmenting the unique characteristics of your best and most profitable customers.

Open new channels to reach your customers and prospects using the methods they prefer. If they respond better to email use email if they answer their phone and delete you emails than use the phone.

Boost response through more specific, personalized offers (as opposed to generic, one-size-fits-all promotions).
Build loyalty programs that increase lifetime value.

Find more model customers

After segmenting your customers by demographic or standard industrial information, so you can tailor your message to match their needs and interests, and increase the chances that they’ll act on your offer.

Identify and target new prospects most like your best customers and drop the deadbeats.

Boost your direct response rate.

Increase your market penetration.

Dramatically improve your advertising ROI.
Track and analyze
Direct mail advertising is awesome because it provides measurable results. By testing and tracking you can determine the most effective lists, offers and creative.

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  • Ability to perform all list brokerage duties for clients, including providing thorough list research and recommendations
  • Back-end analysis, marketing metrics Google Analytics, Market Samuria generates revenue & interest via email marketing, SEO, SEM and social media
  • Can target local business landing pages on Twitter, Facebook, Google Places, Google AdWords and other social networks and track results from coupon offers
  • Accelerates sales by tying email campaign and website tracking to CRM system data
  • Creates and executes marketing strategies that support business goals
  • Lead generation and capture and marketing plan development
  • Big Obama Campaign Victory Attributed To List Testing

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    These are some quotes from today’s Wall Street Journal and many professional Direct Marketing journals attribute much of Obama’s Campaign victory to extensive testing of campaign letters and the understanding of deep database analytics.

    Demographic Segmenting

    Who got which email depended on direct marketing data base marketing techniques about each fundraising prospect and how different people react to different messages. In this year’s election, it looks as if the Obama team’s use of such data was one of its biggest edges over the Romney effort.

    Extensive Testing is the Secret

    “Campaign manager Jim Messina pledged to “measure every single thing in this campaign” and built an analytics department five times the size of the 2008 effort. A Time magazine reporter got access to the data scientists in the campaign’s Chicago headquarters on the condition that the reporter would keep mum until after the election. “What they revealed as they pulled back the curtain,” Time recently reported, “was a massive data effort that helped Obama raise $1 billion, remade the process of targeting TV ads and created detailed models of swing-state voters that could be used to increase the effectiveness of everything from phone calls and door knocks to direct mailings and social media.”

    Obama Campaign Strategy

    Big Name Geeks to Analyze The Data

    “The campaign’s “chief scientist,” Rayid Ghani, had been at Accenture, where he co-wrote an academic paper describing work helping companies that “analyze large amounts of transactional data but are unable to systematically ‘understand’ their products.” For example, Mr. Ghani helped grocers figure out why people bought orange juice by reducing the product to attributes that could be analyzed by algorithms—”Brand: Tropicana, Pulp: low, Fortified with: Vitamin-D, Size: 1 liter, Bottle type: plastic.”

    The Obama campaign focused on data showing the “persuadability” of voters. Multivariate tests identified issues and positions that could move undecided voters, ProPublica said: “The persuasion scores allowed the campaign to focus its outreach efforts—and their volunteer calls—on voters who might actually change their minds as the result. It also guided them in what policy messages individual voters should hear.”

    Big data give incumbents a big advantage, Romney never knew what hit him!

    “Which seems to have surprised the Romney team. The Obama campaign has used cookies to track its supporters online since the 2008 election. It spent the past 18 months creating a new, unified database, factoring in some 80 pieces of information about each person, from age, race and sex to voting history. (The campaign denied reports that it tracked visits to pornography sites in its outreach algorithms.) The Romney campaign says it tried to match the Obama campaign’s collection and analysis of data but had to start from scratch and had just seven months after the primaries.”

    Why did the Republicans allow Obama to best them twice at the exact same game. Direct marketing analytics wins again!

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