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The leap to online video has been hot….

and it’s getting even hotter when executed with direct marketing methods.

Using video in combination with direct marketing methods can achieve unreal response rates. In fact this maybe the direct marketing turn around that your campaign needs to get it to the next level.

Direct marketing gives the online video more structure with testing, analysis and a call-to-action. Disciplined direct marketers normally test and analyze their campaigns to improve response rates and conversions for better ROI.

This is why online video combined with the structure of direct marketing can be deadly.

Gary Hennerberg the author of Online Video Deep Dive.

Claims that he can achieve a response rate of over 20% this is unheard of when direct mail is considered a success when it reaches a response rate of 2%. What he does with online video is brilliant and uses…

A short video on a website to convince someone to opt-into your website sales pitch

You need to make your online video interesting – try setting up an intriguing premise, reveal a little of the story, and importantly, you bring people into your sales funnel when you capture an email address. The Deep Dive: if selling your product doesn’t typically happen on impulse, and you must first build trust, you can tell your story over short, strategically sequenced video clips, delivered via email autoresponders over time.

How to Use Video For Lead Generation for Sky High Profits

Gary claims his direct marketing online campaign achieves a 20 percent lift in sales—with video as the central delivery vehicle. This is the type of lead generation opt-in you can use to get live leads from a website you simply record a series of short videos that engage your niche with direct response marketing testing . You must produce an engaging video campaign your  3 principles

The three words we use to describe this marketing transformation are:

  • Purpose – must be relevance to niche to serve them
  • Frequency – a series of 5 videos or chapters go behind the scenes building trust with clients
  • Free – Demonstrate your product tell a story, educate, without strings attached.

Using these concepts, you can supercharge email and social media using online video, renew
Explain a complicated service in detail like SAS analysis. Imagine trying to describe how to find the most profitable niches inside of a CRM database. Implement using analysis techniques pulling this data and segment into 19 buckets and append with streaming customer credit scores to 20 million records.

This is a good strategy for selling products that require more explanation. The Deep Dive: Video can shortcut the visualization-and engagement-of a complex concept that words on a page can’t accomplish quickly enough before the reader loses interest.

Direct Mail marketing to the masses is expensive and highly in-effective since only 1% may respond to your offer. Non-profits can save an enormous amount of fundraising cost. by moving online and creating compelling video for constituents. Interview people you’ve touched. State your case. Engage. Reaching millions for pennies rather than $100,000 or more you can test and get results and analysis much faster.

Integrate social media with online video and encourage comments, recommendations, and shares. You get branding and mass exposure with little to no cost when integrating.

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Lead Generation

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Lead Generation Strategies

7954017-beautiful-woman-with-headset-onIncrease your chances that the next lead you call turns into new business by learning the best days and best times.

According to an in-depth study conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology the second worst day to make cold calls is Tuesday. This is a according to a three day study of six companies this report wrote that Monday is the second worst day nest to Tuesday.

Of all days used for co;d calling Thursday will have the best odds of turning that cold lead into a sale. In fact this MIT study determined that Thursday is 19% better thank god it’s Friday.

The Best Times for calling

This MIT study also determined the best times to make your first call is between 8 and 9 a.m. before business hours and your chances of breaking through to the decision maker will be greater if you call late in the afternoon between 3-4 p.m.

I sometimes make over a 100 cold call each day and I often have my best luck later in the afternoon since I cold call small manufacturing President or Owners in Michigan and the east coast. I think it is best to experiment to discover your best groove. Allow me to do the same for you

Lead Generation Techniques

This MIT study also determined that calling between 6-7 p.m., after business hours is among the best. The only way to know for sure is to buy a list from me and experiment by calling several thousand prospects over several month.

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