How To Purchase E-mail Lists

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Some business people think of this idea when they think of purchasing e-mail lists.

You’ll then import the addresses into your email marketing software… and blast them with a special offer email. Sales will come pouring in!

Great idea?

Wrong… this is not the way a professional would ever manage a direct mail campaign unless they would like to have a hundreds of angry prospects complain and even have a lawsuit pressed against their company.

Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t buy an email list:

1. The email list won’t be any good.Too many bounce backs and non-delivery since the list must be updated on a regular basis That means the list will be of poor quality and filled with people who won’t respond to your offer (sorry!)

2. Your email marketing company will shut off your service. No reputable email service provider will mail to a list of purchased (third party) email addresses. Why not? Because they’ve learned from painful experience that these lists contain so many bad addresses that it’ll get them blacklisted (their mail won’t get delivered). Instead, they’ll refuse to do business with you. Don’t believe me? Read the terms of service of the company you’re using to send emails.

3. You may be breaking the law. Each email address on that list needs to represent someone that gave permission (opted-in) to receive an email from you. Otherwise, you’re spamming them. Did you know that? It doesn’t matter what the list broker assured you. You’re the one on the hook if you’re breaking the law.

Read about CAN-SPAM if you’re not sure what we’re talking about.

Instead, consider renting an email list. The most responsive and most expensive lists are magazine response lists to targeted niches.

Have a good idea which online publishers reach your target audience? (If not, our free service Leadtail can help). Guess what… many will have an email list you can rent.

You can pay publishers to send emails to their high quality lists on your behalf or buy advertising within emails that they deliver to their customers and prospects (e.g., email newsletters). You’ll get the added bonus that they implicitly endorse your offer… since it’s going to their own list!:

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Direct Marketing Email Lists

Hoover’s Business Information has provided direct marketing campaigns with e-mail and mailing lists for over 30 years. With only the cleanest and most up-to-date data, Business Information at Hoover’s direct marketing resources can make all the difference in the success of your campaign.

Online Mailing Lists

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Mailing List For Marketing

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Business owners are drawn to making these for a variety of reasons or purposes. Since the best way to grow your business is with a fresh supply of mailing list for marketing.

Mailing lists

… allow any business, company, or organization to send in marketing materials that can introduce their new products or services, and announce special notices, such as company events or product sales, among others intent. Before purchasing mailing lists for marketing you should determine the value of a customer the higher the value per customer, the more you can set aside for direct marketing campaigns.

When selecting lists

for marketing make sure that you ask for permission or opt-in you want to keep a clean business reputation and make use of permissible marketing techniques, you need to abide by certain rules and regulations. One of those is to ask for permission from individuals who are part of your target clientele.

You need to ask

them if they want to be a part of your list and be able to receive promotional materials for your products and services. You have to let them sign up (have them provide you their names and contact information, such as email addresses) first before you proceed sending them mails. Or else, they will just consider your mail as another spam, which can make you be banned.

When creating lists for marketing,

though, you have to take a careful look at your target clientele. If you are selling products and services that are for families, you may want to check the locations of those on your list. See YouTube on selecting highly targeted lists for local marketing using Google and a list provider. Those who are living in condominium units may not be families, but bachelors. You have to filter out those who receive your mails and the marketing materials included to ensure a turnaround for your business. Strategic thinking is a key here.

Once you have already created a list, review the promotional materials you are going to send over to them. The quality of your promotional materials in terms of design, content and message will sell your products and services to your target clientele. Make sure that you have your key message delivered straight and are supported by photographs as well as graphics.

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Targeting your Mailing List for Marketing

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Optimize Email Conversions

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Your customers’ needs are changing!
Your email marketing needs to change along with them. Personalization develops a two-way engagement with customers.

Customers expect relevance

In the emails they receive from companies; they want offers and content that appeal to their interests and preferences.

They like to be recognized by name, catered to— when this happens, they are more likely to buy.

Personalization and relevance is the pot of gold of email marketing, and today’s dynamic social media environment is only raising the stakes for email marketers to cultivate customer-centric conversations.

Direct marketers are finding it hard  to introduce relevance and personalization into email communications and other touchpoints, such as web sites, online advertising, call centers, and pages. A variety of factors makes it difficult for many email marketing organizations to respond to the personalization important:

Lack of comprehensive customer data and email analytics for evaluation.

Not all email marketing programs are driven by analytic databases that track customer activity across multiple online and offline channels, a requirement for optimal personalization and to most effectively retarget browsers and abandoners.

No Money and overworked. Email marketing groups are frequently run by small, overworked teams, and also tasked with new campaigns if an organization offloads costly paid search or display advertising campaigns to less expensive email.

Tricks at the expense of strategy. Email marketers are often consumed by tactical day-to-day complexities and managing email service provider
(ESP) relationships; a lack of management support and an integrated online marketing platform make it difficult to elevate email marketing to a more 

strategic level.

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Limited integration with complementary programs. between email marketing software and solutions for product recommendations, real-time web site tracking, and customer data management costs opportunities to target customers with relevant

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Testing Life Insurance Marketing Data

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In last Friday’s Wall Street Journal there was an article about how life insurers are testing the massive amounts of data for predicting american’s insurers longevity.

In the past life insurance companies needed urine or blood samples to assess insurers health, which is a very costly process. Today Life Insurance Marketers gather data from extensive files on most US consumers. These files have extensive personal information including online shopping details, catalog purchases, magazine subscriptions, leisure activities and social networks sites that insurers or prospective insurers belong to.

This information that is compiled in marketing databases can be used in predictive models can reveal as much as a person as a lab test analysis of their bodily fluids. One of the biggest test in US looked at 60,0000 records of insurance applicants. If found that predictive modeling based on consumer marketing data was accurate in it’s ability to mimic traditional techniques.

The research concluded the use of consumer marketing data which is used for direct marketing purposes, gathered online with consumers consent that can be revealing and accurate in predicting the life insurers according to the Wall Street Journal investigation into online privacy.

A part of the Aviva test was estimating a person’s risk for illness such as high blood pressure and depression they concluded that many diseases relate to life style factors such as exercise habits or fast food choices.

The Analysis

This analysis could lower insurance costs or help select or eliminate high risk applicants and doing this would eliminate the use of blood or urine samples from prospects that apply.

The industry is currently grappling with how to get policies into the hands of middle class families more cost effectively since the sales of life insurance products are down by more than 45% since the mid-1980’s.

Making the use of a trove of new information being assembled by giant data collecting firms that drive surveys to people that file and they collect data on the behavior of people both online and off purchases to help catagorize people into groups like runners, hikers or dancers. They can also gather up data from social networking sites to identify active social networkers.

Of course, you need to acquire a list in the first place. Such a list will provide the basis for building your relationship with your customers. Buying a list is a good idea PROVIDED you are purchasing from a legitimate and reliable source.
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B2B List

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B2B Prospects

When selling a product or service an accurate prospect list plays a major role.

Being sure that your list vendor cleans custom-built prospect business list helps in executing targeted marketing. When selecting a B2B list you need to be sure it is a mirror image of the very best customers that you already have in terms of freshness or how recently they purchased, the dollar amount they spend on average and the frequency they purchase.

Without an authentic list of prospects, all your sales efforts will be shots in the dark. Armed with a targeted list, a company can initiate its lead qualification and telesales efforts which further helps in shortening the sales cycle and generating a steady stream of revenue for the company.

Your 2011 marketing plan should include a fresh infusion of new customers to replace the previous customers that have expired from your database.

Prospect list development is the process of developing a clean list of contacts/prospects for marketing campaigns, telesales, and a host of sales related activities.

Cheap, bulk lists

databases are easily available these days. Such lists are used by every other company. Vendors who sell these lists hardly give data accuracy guarantee. 50% of such list has inaccurate data which further needs proper data scrubbing, cleanup and validation.

Why not buy a cheap list from any vendor?

50%of the list has inaccurate data

Inside sales and sales team spend more time in chasing wrong contacts

Poor ROI

Building a custom prospect list in-house requires lot of efforts and expertise. If you are still confused how to select a B2B list vendor then aMarketForce suggests 5 major questions as qualifiers for selecting a perfect list vendor? For those who have missed, here is our blog post on 5 questions you should ask your B2B Prospect List Vendor

What do you choose then? – Click Here!

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About Business Email Lists

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Are you looking to acquire some business email lists for your company?

When you have a strong list to acquire from, you will find out that the best lists are your own that you acquired through marketing efforts and they are now your best customers.

Writing a year-end marketing plan and setting goals and objectives and testing what has worked best in the past with something new. A new segmented business list that better profiles your best customers, or a new offer that will compel customers to respond. Solid business email lists will help expand your marketing strategies several ways.

Acquiring the List

Of course, you need to acquire a list in the first place. Such a list will provide the basis for building your relationship with your customers. Buying a list is a good idea PROVIDED you are purchasing from a legitimate and reliable source.

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Once you have amassed such a list, you can then take the steps to effectively build your money generating potential. Many of these steps can be rather simple.

A bulk email mentioning specials or discounts is about as simple a concept you could devise. It will also be a concept that delivers impactful results.

Some might even take the expansive step of using their business email lists to send out a well crafted newsletter. This can be a tremendous way to stimulate buying interest since it incorporates various concepts of attraction and informational marketing.

Free giveaways

will also generally entice people to provide their contact info. These giveaways can come in the form of free DVDs, eBooks, software programs, and basically anything you believe potential customers may find interesting.
Some may be wondering how to get the most out of their business email lists. Let’s explore an answer to such a query….
Simple Business Email Tips

Simply having access to a business email list is not enough. You need to get the most out of it. Here are a few of my top tips for succeeding in this regard:

Keep logs of your email records. You do not want to delete any business related emails since you may need them at a later date – even several years later!

Don’t put any sensitive, personal items in a business email. This could prove highly embarrassing if it gets into the wrong hands. Additionally, you cannot really convey your true feelings via email. Instead, you will want to deal with such issues person to person or over the phone.

How to create a free opt-in business lists for your Website

Always respond to emails as soon as humanly possible. This is both professional and courteous. It will make the much needed positive impression you require to succeed.

Initiate emails when you feel it would be best to communicate with customers. Doing so enhances your potential to succeed in your business since you are staying on top of things. My worst mistakes entailed falling behind – don’t make those same

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Finding Email Address Lists

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The advantages of owning opt-in email list from satisfied but needy customers is that you now have qualified leads to cross-sell and up-sell your products or services to. Planning is an essential part of any email marketing campaign, and here’s a checklist to help you to plan a successful email marketing activity.

Email marketing checklist:

Building Your Email Lists

  • Do you request an email address on every form that your customers and prospects complete?
  • Do you request an email address when visitors register on your website?
  • When asking for an email address, do you also ask permission to email them?
  • Do you have a privacy policy stating how you will use email addresses (such as we do not sell lists)
  • If you are considering renting an email marketing list from a list broker, have your reviewed the quality of the list?
  • Developing Your Email Marketing Content

Have you defined the goals of your campaign:

What are you trying to achieve?

  1. How many responses do you need to break-even?
  2. Have you considered the benefits and drawbacks of sending either a plain text message, or one in HTML?
  3. Does your Subject line grab the reader’s attention without looking like spam?
  4. Do you have a clear Call to Action?
  5. Have you proofread your message before sending it out, checking spelling and grammar?Do you test your message, sending to a friendly audience before you broadcast generally?
  6. Have you provided a way for readers to unsubscribe?
  7. Do you have a process to clean up your email address list, including bounces and un-subscribers?
  8. Have you personalised the message? Personalised messages pull a much better response
  9. Measuring Your Success – How many leads do you need to break-even

Tracking bounce-backs, non-deliverables and discover what works and what doesn’t work. Develop a control package that consistently  performs well. Do you provide a link to forward this email to a friend or colleague? And of course, once you have broadcast your campaign, learn from your experience and test new techniques in your next broadcast.Hoover’s provides this up-to-date information for sales, marketing, business development, and other professionals who need intelligence on U.S. and global companies, industries, and the people who lead them.

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Marketing ROI – How To Do It!

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Calculating Marketing ROI

Evaluating the success of your direct mail marketing campaigns is what your Return On Investment or ROI stands for.

A control group is a random sample of customers who do not receive a direct marketing offer and their behaviour may be compared to a similar, randomly generated group of customers who don’t receive one.

This type of direct marketing campaign analysis can be performed over time to compare two groups before, during and after a specific campaign period–whether days, weeks, months, or otherwise.

The Control

Observing the behaviour of a control group versus a similar group of targeted customers allows one to calculate the incremental campaign revenue generated by, and the overall return on investment (ROI), or a direct marketing campaign. The control is the package your trying to beat with the new test.

This type of analysis has been used in direct marketing for over a 100 years this is how you determine if you would like to roll out a large 500,000 piece mailing but your projections and assumptions must be based on statistical facts or real like mailing campaign results.

Before a direct marketing campaign analysis may be conducted, it is important to know the following:
A time series, control group e-mail marketing campaign analysis will seek to answer the following questions:

1. How much more revenue was generated from coffee cup premium by the e-mail campaign?
2. Given the costs, what is the overall return on investment (ROI) for the e-mail marketing campaign?

Target Group

…coffee mug premium buying behaviour may be compared to a randomly generated CONTROL_GROUP of 500 customers who receive no offer.

Both groups are best evaluated on a week-to-week basis: before, during and after the campaign period. A $PRODUCT variable will capture the amount of coffee mug premium revenue that is generated from each target group and control group customer.

Analyzing the target group and control group customers, over time, according to the variable will provide an answer to question 1: how much revenue did the e-mail campaign generate.

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Determining an overall ROI for the campaign requires that the costs involved to create and run it be subtracted from the $100 in revenue generated by it.

Let’s assume that the following costs were incurred in order to execute the e-mail marketing campaign:
Creating and testing the e-mail blast template – $50
Programming the website to accept online payments – $25
Staff time to plan and manage the e-mail campaign – $30                                                                       Coffee mug premium $300

Since our total costs were $405, an analysis would reveal that the overall ROI for the e-mail campaign is $40.

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Opt-In Email Lists Opportunity

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Opt-in Email Lists

An opt-in list is a list of emails that prospects volunteer to elect to receive.

It is one of the most valuable assets of your online business. Since these customers are part of your target market expressing a need in your product or service.

It is an option for your potential customers to gain access to your information, promotion and campaigns that they are interested in. Since it is an option, they are not forced to subscribe to your mailing list. Opt-in lists comply with Federal or state laws banning spam and are now required when mass emailing.

As long as you have an opt-in list that is in the right niche, you promote to your customers in the niche that your are promoting. Each time you have a new product or service to promote, simply inform them and wait for the sales to roll in. Keep your database up-to-date by upating emails that change or bounce back after each mailing. This can either be automated or done by hand.

Growing your list

Growing your opt-in list will mean a bigger customer base and more opportunity for cross-selling or up-selling. Every name and email address can convert to a new sales. Every new sales can rake in extra income for your business. This can be accumulative as you secure more transactions with each customer.

Having an opt-in list saves you effort, time and money. Once you come up with a new product or service, all you have to do is to set up your campaigns and send the updates to your list. Many of your present buyers can become your future clients.

Following up with current customers or past customers, direct marketing experts claim that are your most recent buyers becoms your best propsects since they know and trust you.

An opt-in list saves you money too. You need not set aside money to buy your leads. Many businesses that boost of bringing targeted traffic to your site may not work as well as your own list that you build yourself. Furthermore, it can be expensive and at the end of the day, it may cost you more than what you expect to receive in sales.
Direct Marketing Email Lists

Direct Marketing Email Lists

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The benefits of having an opt-in list are many. Having one allows your business to be profitable and remain so.

How To Succeed Using Dun and Bradstreet Lists

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Top performing companies

When companies align their sales and marketing functions within their business will find a substantial increase of the sales forecasted pipeline are generated from marketing sourced leads and the firms produce a average 20% increase in top line revenue.

This research by Aberdeen’s  Sales and Marketing Alignment: Collaboration + Cooperation = Peak Performance outlines how the best organizations achieve superior results despite challenging economic times, as announced by Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company.

Companies that are growing

revenue and experiencing the largest marketing contribution to the sales forecasted pipeline are the ones with the greatest alignment between these critical functional areas.

Aberdeen research details how superior organizations not only understand the value of collaboration between sales and marketing processes but are taking concrete actions that improve processes, utilize technology and increase their knowledge to achieve greater operational cohesion within the marketing and sales organizations.

Top performing companies

sales and marketing alignment isn’t a fantasy or state of mind but a tangible reality that is achieved through time, effort and focus. With only the cleanest and most up-to-date data, Business Information at Hoover’sdirect marketing resources can make all the difference in the success of your campaign.

A complimentary copy of this report is made available due in part by the following underwriters: Dun and Bradstreet, Pardot, Silverpop, and Sitecore, To obtain a complimentary copy of the report, visit:

Find out where your company’s sales and marketing alignment capabilities rank among the top performing companies. Take our Sales and Marketing Alignment Assessment Tool:

How to find targeted business using Dun and Bradstreet

More information about Dun and Bradstreet:

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Hoover’s provides this up-to-date information for sales, marketing, business development, and other professionals who need intelligence on U.S. and global companies, industries, and the people who lead them.

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