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Some business people think of this idea when they think of purchasing e-mail lists.

You’ll then import the addresses into your email marketing software… and blast them with a special offer email. Sales will come pouring in!

Great idea?

Wrong… this is not the way a professional would ever manage a direct mail campaign unless they would like to have a hundreds of angry prospects complain and even have a lawsuit pressed against their company.

Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t buy an email list:

1. The email list won’t be any good.Too many bounce backs and non-delivery since the list must be updated on a regular basis That means the list will be of poor quality and filled with people who won’t respond to your offer (sorry!)

2. Your email marketing company will shut off your service. No reputable email service provider will mail to a list of purchased (third party) email addresses. Why not? Because they’ve learned from painful experience that these lists contain so many bad addresses that it’ll get them blacklisted (their mail won’t get delivered). Instead, they’ll refuse to do business with you. Don’t believe me? Read the terms of service of the company you’re using to send emails.

3. You may be breaking the law. Each email address on that list needs to represent someone that gave permission (opted-in) to receive an email from you. Otherwise, you’re spamming them. Did you know that? It doesn’t matter what the list broker assured you. You’re the one on the hook if you’re breaking the law.

Read about CAN-SPAM if you’re not sure what we’re talking about.

Instead, consider renting an email list. The most responsive and most expensive lists are magazine response lists to targeted niches.

Have a good idea which online publishers reach your target audience? (If not, our free service Leadtail can help). Guess what… many will have an email list you can rent.

You can pay publishers to send emails to their high quality lists on your behalf or buy advertising within emails that they deliver to their customers and prospects (e.g., email newsletters). You’ll get the added bonus that they implicitly endorse your offer… since it’s going to their own list!:

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