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My professional insurance marketing experience began with Jackson National Life Insurance Company in Lansing, Michigan as Database Marketing and Mailing in the Marketing Department.

I was the Marketing Manager with Estate Planning Institute in Southfield, Michigan from this I honed my skills in list purchasing, testing, and analyzing.

I learned the importance of direct response planning and budget forecasting and most importantly, providing a follow-up with back-end analysis, fulfillment of orders and inquiries. I also gained some valuable job experience with Jackson National Life Insurance as Marketing Database/Direct Mail area.

Whether you need more sales now or need to make your monthly insurance sales quota, my Sales System accomplishes both.

Proven time and again our systems works for financial/insurance agencies or small manufacturers I can work with a wide range of other clients.

First and foremost, we become your inside sales force. This means those critical first calls to find new business take place on a regular schedule, not just when work has dried up.

These are the higher end highly targeted leads that generate the critical revenues, the

Determining the decision maker for your service

  • Attempting to speak with decision maker to determine interest and need
  • Contacting our client if the decision maker has an immediate need
  • Emailing client’s response material to decision maker as requested
  • Providing Excel report to client explaining actions to be taken
  • Sending the response packages if our client chooses that option
  • Following up on response packages if our client is unable

My call campaigns produce response rates of 10% to 25% with many of those immediate requests for quotes.

In addition to finding projects that are in the works, our system puts your information into
the hands of new potential customers that have been qualified to need your services or product. This produces immediate sales possibilities as well as future ones.

Timothy Little – Direct Marketing Consultant

Tim Little
1 (888) 889-0552

Service Description


  • Ability to perform all list brokerage duties for clients, including providing thorough list research and recommendations


What I do is help technical services businesses increase sales, keep more customers, and generate more qualified leads. Specializing in complex business-to-business environments.

WordPress Direct Response Website management

Customized lead generation and appointment setting:
• Increase response between 10-30% with targeted list selection and appointment setting
• Can find and acquire any consumer or business to business lists based on client need
• Generate leads through direct and target marketing methods that can supplement your sales force.
• Greatest results in the financial services and insurance sectors
Telephone: Call (888) 889-0552 Ask about my Website and Facebook client portfolio

Email address: Tim G. Little

References and Project Portfolio will be Provided on Request

Tim developed an extensive database for targeting and tracking prospective clients. His hard work resulted in securing some short-term training service contracts and we were quite pleased with the results within the relatively short grant period. Tim has a superb work ethic is very reliable.” Dr. Clifford Dorne Associate Vice President for Program Development and Graduate Recruitment – Professor of Criminal Justice, SVSU, Saginaw, MI.

“Tim is Truly Passionate” “Tim is truly passionate about helping people achieve their true business potential. Tim is an expert in goal setting, time management, and direct response marketing. If you or your company is considering a marketing consultant for market planning, database marketing/list acquisition , I strongly recommend Tim Little.” John White, Comptroller for Office One, Kalamazoo MI, headquarters.

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