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I’m offering a Free Dynamic Marketing Plan for 2016 for any small business in need of a lead generation promotion audit

What I do and what my website does is I work with business owners, people like yourself helping them to maximize their marketing success.

Most of my clients are small and medium sized companies with sales I work in a unique marketing approach.

My expertise is in list acquisition and lead generation locating the best lists that match your most profitable and best customers.

I generate leads through targeted lists and direct mail marketing with inside sales reps calling after the information has been received to develop warm leads for your sales people can close the sale.

What makes me different than we I try to find the decision maker and we send information and do a follow-up call several times.

Are you looking to increase sales right now? the reason I was trying to check in with you is I wanted to share an intriguing idea that could dramatically increase sales in your business 20 to 50% in a three to six month time-frame.

Give me a call toll free and I will offer you a Free Dynamic Marketing Plan for allowing me to survey your company. After you complete a 4 page survey and the opportunity to offer my services as a lead generation specialist.

See my background information at Tim Little – Marketing List Broker

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