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B2B Prospects

When selling a product or service an accurate prospect list plays a major role.

Being sure that your list vendor cleans custom-built prospect business list helps in executing targeted marketing. When selecting a B2B list you need to be sure it is a mirror image of the very best customers that you already have in terms of freshness or how recently they purchased, the dollar amount they spend on average and the frequency they purchase.

Without an authentic list of prospects, all your sales efforts will be shots in the dark. Armed with a targeted list, a company can initiate its lead qualification and telesales efforts which further helps in shortening the sales cycle and generating a steady stream of revenue for the company.

Your 2011 marketing plan should include a fresh infusion of new customers to replace the previous customers that have expired from your database.

Prospect list development is the process of developing a clean list of contacts/prospects for marketing campaigns, telesales, and a host of sales related activities.

Cheap, bulk lists

databases are easily available these days. Such lists are used by every other company. Vendors who sell these lists hardly give data accuracy guarantee. 50% of such list has inaccurate data which further needs proper data scrubbing, cleanup and validation.

Why not buy a cheap list from any vendor?

50%of the list has inaccurate data

Inside sales and sales team spend more time in chasing wrong contacts

Poor ROI

Building a custom prospect list in-house requires lot of efforts and expertise. If you are still confused how to select a B2B list vendor then aMarketForce suggests 5 major questions as qualifiers for selecting a perfect list vendor? For those who have missed, here is our blog post on 5 questions you should ask your B2B Prospect List Vendor

What do you choose then? – Click Here!

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