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SMS for business marketing

Since two-thirds of the worlds population owns a cell phone simply text messaging your customers on their cell phones special offers, value, and benefits your company wants to offer them right now.

SMS Lists

An SMS cell phone list is the most responsive list known to man for a local business as 100 % of text messages are read at this time in the market and customers tend to act on real value by coming in and spending their money.

To see how this works, imagine getting a coupon offer to your favorite store 5 minutes before you get off work. Maybe the offer is for a 50% savings on a Wendy’s chocolate frosty.

Everything is quick and measurable

As a loyal customer you did just that and were targeted for exactly what you opted in to receive. Of course you will go in and get that subway subs and hundreds of others will to in a large metro area like Dallas or Houston. In a smaller town the response may only be 50 – 100 people but still that is a huge bump in sales numbers for the work and pushing a button that sends out a text message.


There are legal problems with SMS text marketing you need to be aware of. There are no hard and fast laws on how marketers are to use SMS text messaging as a marketing device. You need to use common sense allowing your customers to opt-in with a auto-responder on your AWeber account.

A great way to use SMS text marketing is in retail, clothing, and restaurant businesses. Because you have a very high responsive list with SMS text marketing you only need to offer real value and benefit to your customers to easily increase ROI.

Text message marketing works best with retail venues like clothing stores, jewelry stores, music venues, and restaurants. The way to see a case study example is to look at how innovative companies are using it in retail malls.

SMS texting is a service that requires immediate action since this is the new marketing channel. For more information on finding and buildingAllow me to help you implement your next strategic marketing plan focused on your niche. I will make the most of what you already have by analyzing your biggest strengths and exploiting your competition.

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