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The majority of small business entrepreneurs are destined to fail primarily because of the lack of business knowledge. Direct mail marketing is a field in which a little knowledge can be enough to destroy your business.

Buying Mailing Lists

The facts are cold prospecting to outside mailings rarely produces enough responses to produce a profit. You will more than likely buy a new customer at a loss as far as the upfront costs involved. Profits will be earned by retaining the customer for future sales.

Direct mail is a business in which one-tenth of 1 percent maybe the difference between profit and loss. The business of buying lists and direct mail is to create customers, not sales and that’s about making a profit by selling to the same customer again and again.

Do not make the mistake that buying a list and that coordinating a mailing is easy. This is a business for professionals who know products, markets, media, analysis and back-end control. Some one starting out in the business needs a great deal of luck, persistence and a helping hand to keep from an initial or continuous disaster.

Online Mailing Lists

E-mail lists will net normally a tenth of the response that direct mail campaigns. Unless you developed your own opt-in, targeted online mailing list. If you have a focused Website with a continuous flow of qualified unique visitors. Your hosting company can provide you with customer profiles based on geographic area, type of internet connection, how long they browse on your Web pages, which pages net the most unique visits, name and email address. Meet, Share, Collaborate – Try MegaMeeting.comVideo & Web Conferencing Now!

The other option is to append email addresses to the mailing list or customer lists that you already own. List service providers can do this quickly and in-expensively in contrast to purchasing opt-in lists that your list compiler will email blast for you.

Testing Mailing Lists

The sins of list usage include testing a starter mailer on only one list. It is recognized that response varies depending on:

  • Copy – of the words used
  • Package – how those words are clothed
  • Offer – the proposition
  • Timing – the time of the proposition is received
  • Market – The list or medium, to which the offer

It is evident that one test cell does not constitute the end of testing but only the beginning of direct mail campaign.

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