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For over 90 years the Direct Marketing Association supported the needs of it’s members with special reports in research and marketing trends.

What is the typical response rate for direct marketing campaigns in your industry and which media will work the best?

In a resulting Direct Marketing Association 2009 response rate report offered an up to date look a the bottom line in direct marketing.

What’s working and what’s not?

The following are a few of he highlights:

  • The goal of  two-thirds of respondents was order generation
  • The media that achieved the highest response rates was outbound telephone calls and this method is also the most expensive
  • Response rates from email, excluding prospect Open 14.92% for Click-through 9.36% and 5.26

It was also determined in this report that mailings that were personalized with campaign objectives were the most successful because of well-executed personalized marketing programs.

Personalized mailings can provide better response rates when combined with dynamic, multi channel marketing solutions. Businesses, regardless of their aim to attract another business or end user, and whether their offering is a product or service, need background information and ideas  in order to plan their best balance of investment and return.

The more you know about your prospect and the more you can include this knowledge into personalized mailing in combination with other campaign including Website, mobile phone coupon offers and email the better your response will be.

It makes sense to pay more up front for an email address since the long run benefits will pay for themselves buy mailing lists Guaranteed and a 100 free leads if you open an account today!

Author Biography: My professional direct marketing experience began in magazine circulation management from this I honed my skills in list purchasing, testing, and analyzing. I learned the importance of direct response planning and budget forecasting and most importantly, providing a follow-up with back-end analysis, fulfillment of orders and inquiries. I also gained some valuable job experience with Jackson National Life Insurance as Marketing Database/Direct Mail area and with Alumni Association of the University of Michigan as Membership Manager.

Tim Little

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3 Comments on Direct Marketing Association Report – Response Rates to Mailings

  1. Marty Thomas on Sun, 14th Mar 2010 8:55 pm
  2. I recently had a client that brought in a 35.2% response rate from an PURL email campaign using Purlem. It was very simple and effective. I can forward you some details on the campaign if your interested.

  3. Tim on Tue, 16th Mar 2010 6:39 pm
  4. Marty,

    A 35% response to a mailing is common for a magazine subscription renewal form in fact some membership organizations could get a 100% depends on the affinity to members. In new acquisition programs selling something competitive like life insurance it’s more likely to get a fraction of a percent. Depends on what your selling who your selling to and how bad they want the product your selling.

    Tim Little

  5. Tim on Tue, 16th Mar 2010 8:23 pm
  6. Marty,

    Sure, I would like to see it. Thanks, Tim

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