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Webcast Allow Direct Marketers To Test

Webinars give direct marketers almost unlimited opportunities to test different lists, headlines, offers and Webinar titles.

A Webinar Marketing Plan

A simple and effective way of building a Webinar event:

  • Define the topic
  • Decide on the type of offer
  • Create leads through the execution of your marketing plan
  • Convert your offer to meetings, clients or sales
  • Repeat what works best by testing

Plan your Webinars to be big events, since it takes the same time and effort to broadcast to 10 as it does to a 1000 attendees.

Try not to do too much with one seminar break it up into a series if you need to address a lot of information.

Set broad objectives in your marketing plan

You need to touch prospects at different stages to convert a lead to a sale. Webinars are good at meeting broad objectives, but sometimes you need to meet prospects at different stages.

Remember to use the Webinar content as the draw or offer. For example financial planners could draw attendees with “Invest wisely and retire early, avoid these 10 pitfalls when planning your estate”.

Just as the market will determine the effectiveness of a direct response campaign, the prospects in your market will judge the value of your content.

A marketing plan that is well constructed and well executed will give your Webinar event a big boost. The following are techniques used by direct marketers catch flaws ahead of time>

  • The topic didn’t draw the target market – better list
  • Content wasn’t compelling to convert the sale
  • Your invitation list was too small
  • Your registration form made it too difficult to register.

Avoid these mistakes and watch your Webinar attendance rise.

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