Mailing List Program, Reactivation During A Recession

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Marketers using customer reactivation techniques that use to work well are now struggling to reach old response rates.

With the new great recession and the big cutbacks in consumer spending hurting response rates of reactivation efforts. Marketers are now forced to try new approaches to maximize the reach to lapsed customers.

New techniques are being used today with leveraging customer data, analytical techniques and testing new customer touchpoints to enhance reactivation marketing efforts.

Direct Marketing Strategy

The first step is to define your best  customers with attributes such as buying trends, purchasing needs and segment into groups as far  never purchased or purchased frequently. Develop ways to analyze which customers have the greatest chance of reactivation.

Start with demographics data both online and offline transactions information should be used to enrich the customer profile. This data will help assess how your customers are spending money and time. This information could be used to assess old customers that never purchased or that purchased sparsely in the past but still may be good candidates.

Reactivation efforts most often are targeted to prospects that purchased over the last year or more. Understanding your customer buying patterns through both online and offline will help with prospecting efforts.

Your direct marketing strategy should include a good reactivation program that not only knows when to target but how to target. In todays multichannel environments you will have greater opportunities to blend print and online digital media together for greater success. Blending multichannel campaigns can offer more profitable campaigns in the future.

Marketers need to chose the campaigns that offer greater reach and test which channels maximize campaign profits. With much of the consumer market now online, digital marketing can help reach high value, high niche segments and influence buyers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing growth is only second to online search engine marketing as far as attracting online customers. Email marketing is a great tactic to use in reactivation campaigns when marketers have a correct address and permission to use it, periodically reaching out to customers and former customers for news, information and promotions.

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