Mailing List Program, Reactivation During A Recession

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Marketers using customer reactivation techniques that use to work well are now struggling to reach old response rates.

With the new great recession and the big cutbacks in consumer spending hurting response rates of reactivation efforts. Marketers are now forced to try new approaches to maximize the reach to lapsed customers.

New techniques are being used today with leveraging customer data, analytical techniques and testing new customer touchpoints to enhance reactivation marketing efforts.

Direct Marketing Strategy

The first step is to define your best  customers with attributes such as buying trends, purchasing needs and segment into groups as far  never purchased or purchased frequently. Develop ways to analyze which customers have the greatest chance of reactivation.

Start with demographics data both online and offline transactions information should be used to enrich the customer profile. This data will help assess how your customers are spending money and time. This information could be used to assess old customers that never purchased or that purchased sparsely in the past but still may be good candidates.

Reactivation efforts most often are targeted to prospects that purchased over the last year or more. Understanding your customer buying patterns through both online and offline will help with prospecting efforts.

Your direct marketing strategy should include a good reactivation program that not only knows when to target but how to target. In todays multichannel environments you will have greater opportunities to blend print and online digital media together for greater success. Blending multichannel campaigns can offer more profitable campaigns in the future.

Marketers need to chose the campaigns that offer greater reach and test which channels maximize campaign profits. With much of the consumer market now online, digital marketing can help reach high value, high niche segments and influence buyers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing growth is only second to online search engine marketing as far as attracting online customers. Email marketing is a great tactic to use in reactivation campaigns when marketers have a correct address and permission to use it, periodically reaching out to customers and former customers for news, information and promotions.

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Webcast Marketing, Fast And Great Value

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Webcast Allow Direct Marketers To Test

Webinars give direct marketers almost unlimited opportunities to test different lists, headlines, offers and Webinar titles.

A Webinar Marketing Plan

A simple and effective way of building a Webinar event:

  • Define the topic
  • Decide on the type of offer
  • Create leads through the execution of your marketing plan
  • Convert your offer to meetings, clients or sales
  • Repeat what works best by testing

Plan your Webinars to be big events, since it takes the same time and effort to broadcast to 10 as it does to a 1000 attendees.

Try not to do too much with one seminar break it up into a series if you need to address a lot of information.

Set broad objectives in your marketing plan

You need to touch prospects at different stages to convert a lead to a sale. Webinars are good at meeting broad objectives, but sometimes you need to meet prospects at different stages.

Remember to use the Webinar content as the draw or offer. For example financial planners could draw attendees with “Invest wisely and retire early, avoid these 10 pitfalls when planning your estate”.

Just as the market will determine the effectiveness of a direct response campaign, the prospects in your market will judge the value of your content.

A marketing plan that is well constructed and well executed will give your Webinar event a big boost. The following are techniques used by direct marketers catch flaws ahead of time>

  • The topic didn’t draw the target market – better list
  • Content wasn’t compelling to convert the sale
  • Your invitation list was too small
  • Your registration form made it too difficult to register.

Avoid these mistakes and watch your Webinar attendance rise.

Direct Marketing Leads

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Lead Generation Planning

The dis-connect between marketing and sales is the primary reason for lead generation failure.  The best way to plan a lead generation campaign is to start backwards with the point of  sale.

To begin this process

We need to evaluate what goes on between the sales representative and the prospect? What information was needed to close the sale and how do you get the buyer to say yes?

Define the steps in the sales process:

  1. Who is managing and controlling each step?
  2. How can they help or hurt your program?
  3. Is the program failure because of unrealistic assumptions regarding the behavior of people

Match your leads to sales limitations:

Too many leads can kill a sales force, try to control the flow to make the sales force hungry the other extreme is too little leads.

Is the sales force ready to handle the leads as they come in with no conflicts with follow-up or scheduling problems if setting appointments.

Don’t sell expensive products or services that need a long explanation use a two-step process for offers is more profitable. When inquiries come in from the Internet or by phone reply with a powerful follow-up series.

Use copy to get the inquiry but never try to make the sale.

When selling qualified leads, sell the offer not the product.

Remember the closure rate for qualified leads can be four times as effective as a cold call and telephone leads are likely to close four times better than mail generated leads.

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Direct Marketing Email Lists

InfoUSA has provided direct marketing campaigns with e-mail and mailing lists for over 30 years. With only the cleanest and most up-to-date data, infoUSA’s direct marketing resources can make all the difference in the success of your campaign.

Online Mailing Lists

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Hot To Buy The “Best Mailing List”

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How To Avoid These Important Misuses Of List Owner

There are three elements to any direct mail campaign; product, offer and lists if you get any of these wrong you have a disaster.

When list are rented you only have these four players the list owner, manager, broker and renter. Any of these four players can give the other a major screwing and the following are misuses by the List Manager:

  • Frequency – beware of over used lists if you own the list and can rent them greedy list managers could over rent the lists
  • Nth name scam – some list owners will load a test list with hot line buyers, only buyers that purchased in the last 90 days
  • Dirty lists – they don’t remove duplicates, non-delivery and bounce backs ever
  • The incorrect run of names- They sent you the wrong list, geography, SIC, or title
  • Beware of inability to merge/purge Duplication among your customer file or against other rented lists can be a disaster.

Misuses by Renter/Broker:

  • Before renting out the names a list owner has the right to see the mailing package before it avoid pornographic or inappropriate mail
  • Beware of the net name arrangements duplication of names can be expensive since your paying for processing, mailing and list rental cost.
  • Double usage – beware that some renters could double use lists with out permission

If you are not familiar with buying a list online or through a list manager it would be advisable to have an experienced list professional to complete the transaction for you.

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Know The List Market, Buying Mailing Lists

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How To Determine An Acceptable List Size For Renting

The high costs for promotion, processing, billing, collecting make it reasonable to buy mailing lists in quantities of at least 25,000 names. Lists smaller than this makes it difficult for the renter to rent again if they decide to buy second list after the test succeeds.

A mail order buyer list of 30,000 to 70,000 names could be identical to other rented lists on the market because only a small portion of the list could have identical duplicates of the same names. A compiled list purchased through InfoUSA or Hoovers maybe the exact same list that is well established in the marketplace.

Know The List Market Before Buying

Before investing in a compiled list by classification or a group of classifications, make sure you know all the list on the market. It is common for someone to offer classifications taken from 4000 yellow page directories. There are only about 2 or 3 nationwide compliers that offer the exact same lists in 4,000 different yellow page directories.

Duplication among list compilers is common when renting business to business by standard industrial classification or consumer lists by specific demographics. Knowing all of the lists on the market will prevent you from purchasing the same exact lists twice through different list compilers. Newcomers to the list business may not be aware of this that the new list recently purchased was identical to a list that you recently mailed to because you did not know the appropriate market and the possibility of duplication among used lists.

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