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New lead generation tool for direct marketers is the webinar

Your online presentation message needs to be highly focused which can help search engine ranking and social media tactics.

For many direct marketers webinars can generate the largest proportion of your lead generation business. Many marketers have great success when testing webinars as an effective online channel when supporting a particular product launch.

Testing webinars as the new direct response channel

Many direct marketers reported that after testing webinars in 2008 that they decided to include webinar in their annual marketing plans each quarter. The minimum webinars planned for each year would be two per quarter.

When planning your webinar campaign look for hot topics that are focused on your demographic audience, screen attendees and score them as potential buyers during different buying stages.

Webinar cost savings

Webinars are very cost-effective and can be one of the lowest cost per lead channels in your annual marketing plans. Your overall percentage of new leads per year could go up by as much as 25% per year from this channel alone.

Webinars need to be tested and may not be the best option for setting sales appointments with company representatives. Webinars may need further nurturing and scoring to determine where they are on the sales pipeline.

The testing of webinars in your marketing mix may produce some excellent results and you may conclude that webinars should be the primary source for new leads in your marketing efforts.

Many marketers reported that after the webinar they would follow-up with a webinar nurturing period of 4 to 5 weeks. The follow-up channel can be email to reach the webcast registrants.

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