What You Should Know about “Direct Mail Mailing Lists”

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A mailing list contains…..

names and addresses of a large group of people or company having one thing in common.

Mailing list compilers do not have a mailing list; they have many and this is because they segment into marketing units to find the one thing in common.

The best marketing opportunities occur when segmenting a list into purchasing behavioral characteristics.

List Segmenting and Marketing Opportunities

Standard Rates and Data directories contain more than 20,000 laser targeted lists for special interest and trade publications. If you take into consideration the segments within each publications you would have millions of lists.

Always remember that consumers are logical human beings with motivations and goals and a unique purchasing behavior. Direct mail marketing can be a powerful motivator if the right message is sent to the right prospect at the right price.

A strong synergy must be connected with the written copy and the list, the written copy has a infinite number of variables, but the list has a flavor.

When planning a direct mail marketing promotion allow your list broker to help with the approach this will help you to find a better response and more money from your marketing efforts.

Allow the list broker time to do a skillful job since they must make recommendations and supply critical information on selection, counts, usage and geographic variables.

It makes sense to pay more up front for an email address since the long run benefits will pay for themselves buy mailing lists Guaranteed and a 100 free leads if you open an account today!

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