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Your customers expect and demand a focused message relating to their needs.

Today’s competitive marketplace demands relevancy if your message doesn’t connect with your prospect in less than a second than your marketing message will go to waste.

Know Your Customer

Knowing who your customers are and what they need is a requirement to compete in today’s competitive online world.

What makes direct marketing different than other forms of advertising is database marketing both online and off.

Marketers that are able to successfully measure, segment and analyze the thousands of customer transactions in optimal waysman-looking-computer_~car0119
will a realize significant competitive advantage.

The proper use of customer information and segments will benefit both you and your customers.

Customers should perceive the information and offers they receive from your company as a benefit.

Build relationships with your prospective customers.

How do you build a relationship with your customer?

Through the  segmentation of your marketing database. You can start with personalization of the data that you collected about your prospect over time and through tracking their behavior.

Not too long ago, I was shopping for music online. I even put a track or two in my shopping cart, but decided to leave the site before placing the order.

When I revisited the site a few days later I was offered a discount on three other Frank Sinatra hits from the 60’s  and I was provided additional information on iTunes. This was an unexpected benefit and made my shopping experience easier.

Finally, the other day I received an email from iTunes offering me the whole Frank Sinatra collection in Las Vegas if I acted immediately.

This business is providing me a valuable service based on my purchasing selections and targeting my music preferences by segmenting my behavior and historical transactions on it’s Website.

If you are looking to acquire leads, one effective approach is to focus on third party opt-in email list rentals. If you are increasing awareness of a new product or doing research among existing customers, then conducting a permission-based internal email campaign could be the most efficient use of your resources. Free demonstration and trial use: 2009 Inc. 500 Winner Discover Why MegaMeeting.com was voted The #1 Video & Web Conferencing Company on the 2009 Inc 500 List!

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