5 Hot Direct Marketing Trends “Direct Marketing Ideas”

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How your business can earn an edge with these new trends!

The current recession will have a impact on the direct marketing industry in the years to come and some of these trends include….

Mobile marketing – major retailers and chains like Subway and Dunkin Donuts have been perfecting this direct marketing channel with coupon offers and making offers to customer Facebook and Twitter followers to tap into huge customer networks. The smartphone also has e-mail GPS capabilities and 90% of all american own a cell phone. 70 million US consumers use their cell phone to access the web.

Social Integration

Social networks are expanding into e-commerce and companies can now listen to customer needs through the social networks. For example Facebook’s marketplace allows anyone to post their items for sale and people are following each other within their networks to new trends in the marketplace.

Personalized Marketing

Draw as much information as possible from your customer database and integrate with social and mobile marketing. Understand the buying trends and habits of your customers with digital technology you can use variable information to include personalized data into your direct mail, email, mobile and social networking channels.

Marketing Automation

Using technology to follow-up and interact with prospects and customers. Integration of databases into Websites to collect customer information than trigger a series of letters in follow-up to customer buying behavior. Automating the simple tasks allows marketers to free-up time to work more on strategy and tactics analyzing customer data.

Targeting your Direct Mail

Using direct mail better by targeting prospects that have a specific need for a product. This need was researched by observing if customer has purchased before (in last 90 days) by credit card and is comfortable purchasing online and has a specific problem that your product addresses.

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