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American’s are looking to get in shape

The tough 2009-2010 US economy has made  home fitness one of the hottest markets for Americans to get in shape.   The reasons are varied from people being out of work and having more time on their hands to better themselves.

The other trend is a decrease in gym memberships with more people looking at the home fitness opportunities. Exercise tends to lifts the spirits of people feeling down in the dumps to start over in making improvements in their appearance and life.

Direct response television has been the driving force for home fitness but digital marketing with email lists would be a least expensive medium to test.

Testing the market

Direct television has been used to launch new fitness products in the past with great success. Direct marketers are reporting that several new products were tested over the last 12 months and did so well that they went straight into a direct response campaign  roll-out.

This was during a time when the economy in the US began to collapse and marketers are getting good response at testing higher price points. The fitness products include DVDs, meal plans, online clubs and some type of wall charts pacakaged in.

The success of these programs can be attributed to the hard times and the way consumers are spending their money in tight times. People will cut out memberships, personal trainers and they look for more efficient ways to exercise and stay in shape in their house.

Home fitness trends

The advantages are no commute time and in addition to convenience, the amount of consumers without jobs has lent itself to purchase fitness items for the house.

People with lost jobs will buy something and workout and get in shape, and they are happier out of work in shape than in a job out of shape. The right fitness product at the right price could be the best selling item on the market.

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