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This tool is produced by Lexmark and it is a Free mailing list finder.

The process is very similar to Google and is based on the relevance of the keywords you type into it and you first start out by selecting the type of list that you’re looking for. Email lists, telephone, snail mail.

How To Find Mailing Lists

Don’t waste your money on the wrong mailing lists! NextMark’s free Mailing Lists Search Tool will help you buy better mailing lists. It gives you easy access to expert information on more than 60,000 mailing lists from 700+ independent sources.

Once you decide on the list you would like to use your next step should be to test some Post Cards.

Postcards are essential and should be included in your 2011 marketing plan

Be sure to include in your printing quote since you will be getting experience, quality and convenience. When it comes to providing outstanding digital quality!

A Direct Marketing Checklist for Your Postcard Campaign!

  • A bold headline The headline must instantly communicate what you’re selling and be large enough to be seen at first glance.
  • A graphic that supports the message – but be discrete the graphic should be very easy to understand and complement the headline. For instance, to promote refinances, you can show a house with money spouting out of it…Another option, you can have a short message that doesn’t allow for a graphic, for example, “GOT MILK.”
  • Color that pops

Postcards are essential and should be included in your 2011 marketing plan

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