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As marketers, we pay close attention to our email campaigns deliverability with lower than anticipated click-through rates.

In this new era of “Web 3.0” e-mail deliverabilty marketers must consider user engagement issues along with potential delivery issues.

ISP’s are now improving their spam filtering techniques and now consider user engagement when sorting through millions of email messages before making to your prospects inbox.

When spam volume began to explode in the 2000’s.

Internet Service providers improved their technologies to reduce the volumes of email clutter by looking at triggers in the system. For example whether the sender generated too many spam complaints or mailed to too many invalid email addresses.

Web 3.0 today considers individual customer preferences by the top ISP’sĀ for example, AOL and Yahoo now look for signs of positive user engagement when processing incoming e-mail like email opens and clicks.

Changes with major ISP’s like Yahoo and AOL

The major changes took place in summer of 2009 when Yahoo started including clicks and opens in it’s reputation equation. Yahoo started mailing to large numbers of inactive users to deflate the large numbers of spam complaints. By adding engagement metrics, many of he same acquisition mailers who were previously banned and received preferred mailbox status were suddenly blocked or placed into spam folders.

This represents the most recent shift for e-mail marketing, ISP’s are shifting some of the responsibility for identifying legitimate mail to the users, who are given the opportunity to evaluate and determine which senders e-mails they’re most interested in reading.

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