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A great way of acquiring your own opt-in emails from qualified prospects to your Website is with relevant video.

Video Marketing Options

You have a lot of options in front of you when it comes to building qualified traffic to drive to your site and squeeze page for your email list. One of the best emerging sources of traffic for your optin lists is through video marketing.

Basically, video marketing is a form of marketing where you make videos for YouTube with a flip camera or iphone that you use to attract visitors to your site to build targeted mailing lists. This is pretty well in line with any kind of marketing that revolves around using related content to grab people who are browsing sites like YouTube or EzineArticles and have them come to your site. Just instead of using articles, you’ll be using videos to fuel your optin email lists.

Watch the Budget

One way is to hire someone to make a video or multiple videos that have to do with your niche. An easier way is just to regularly record videos yourself. A mic and webcam don’t really cost a lot of money, and many computers and laptops these days are coming with them built it, making them free. You can record a PowerPoint type presentation with Window’s Live Video Maker software included in most everyones PC’s. There are a lot of successful people on YouTube who use this relatively amateur set up, so don’t feel bad that it won’t be very slick. It doesn’t need to be to build your email list.

What’s more important is that you regularly and reliably produce videos that provide real value to the people who watch them. If you are reliable and stick to a video posting schedule and you always provide value, then people won’t really care that it isn’t top end- they’ll join your optin lists regardless.

Your Presentation

Then you just load up your video and its information box with links to your site or squeeze page. You can put links in your profile, in your video’s information box, and now a days you can often put little pop up links on the video itself that link to your squeeze page for your targeted mailing lists. It really just comes down to how many links you feel comfortable putting out there in your campaign.

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