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Whether it’s organic search or Google AdWords

Pay for search marketing can help e-mailers reach out to potential customers beyond their current opt-in lists. It can also help establish your unique selling proposition to your niche and build credibility and trust with your target audience.

Combining e-mail marketing efforts with search is likely to raise ROI for both programs. The following are the steps in accomplishing this

Take advantage of opportunities to move traffic

With capture boxes and allow them to opt-in to your newsletters, coupons or special offers or an exclusive white paper for download that you’re offering via e-mail, these all would be appropriate pages toward which to target your search traffic.

By delivering valuable content driven information to your targeted audience, you’re creating a positive experience with your product and your ongoing communications.

Purchasing ads on search engines can be  effective but expensive a much more reasonable alternative is organic search with well written articles including backlinls to your product pages, bases on keyword research.

Ensure that you create a campaign that targets potential visitors in the research portion of their experience, when they’re in the process of gathering the information they need.

Convert search click and conversion rates into e-mail marketing dollars.

If you’ve ever taken a look at your Web site analytics, you might be amazed to see the variety of topics, keywords and phrases people use when searching to find your site.

And it’s worth skimming past the top keywords that always show up to take a closer look at some of the long-tail keyword phrases that may have lower search volumes but are still gaining ground. look for the niche markets with lower search volumes.

Taking a cue from search, note which e-mail calls to action lead to higher levels of interest and greater average time on site, in addition to which offers or links created the greatest number of conversions.

Track and segment e-mail lists.

Smart e-mail marketers understand just how powerful list segmentation can be, especially when it comes to lists created as the result of specific search ad groups. Segmented lists allow you to fine-tune your campaigns and ads to speak directly to the needs, wants and preferences of your audience.

Savvy marketers build campaign and ad group data into both their e-mail and search marketing offers so that it is easy to identify repeat customers who convert again.

Understanding which e-mail campaigns and search ads lead to repeat business will give you the valuable information you need to groom more customers to visit, and convert, again and again.

Until next time, here is to your continued success!


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