How to Capture Responses from Your E-mail List Campaign

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Tracking responses is everything!

Direct Marketing benefits from being the most measurable of all marketing functions.

Unlike other marketing mechanisms the direct marketer can place a dollar value to the company on the results of his or her spending.

There are really three things that need to be accomplished here:

You need to be able to measure how many people respond to your campaign

  • Which list they come from, and
  • How each respondent ranks in terms of the likelihood of becoming a sales lead.
  • Following the campaign you will also want to measure your cost per response, cost per lead, and how many leads turned into sales.

Tracking Mechanisms

The mechanisms for tracking responses are very similar for email and direct mail. Ideally, a direct marketing piece will offer multiple methods for a recipient to respond, each of which can be tracked by the direct marketer.
Key Coding

Key coding is a direct mail mechanism for tracking segments of a mailing.
It consists of numbers or characters that you choose to represent each segment of your campaign. Each record of the list is than marked with the Direct Mail Email

Key Coding Promotion Codes

URL with Tracking ID URL with Tracking ID Web Site Registration Web Site Registration 800 Telephone Number 800 Telephone Number

The URL with tracking ID enables you to count how many web site visits from each list and/or creative piece occur as a result of the campaign.

The URL is the web site address for the landing or registration page, created specifically for the campaign, that recipients are invited to visit.

The tracking ID is an extra set of characters at the end of the URL which can be captured in order to identify which list the recipient came from and/orwhich creative piece the recipient received. Each visit (click-through) to the landing page can be counted along with how many click-throughs are associated with each tracking ID.

Web Site Registration

Whereas the URL with Tracking ID allows you to count the number of visits or click-throughs, web site registration lets you know who visited your web site, how to contact them, and, depending upon the questions you ask, how they rank as prospects for your product or service.

This is a crucial part of measuring the success of the campaign and maximizing the chances that a response will eventually lead to a sale.

Until next time, here is to your continued success!


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