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The biggest benefit of direct response advertising is the ability to laser target your message to your acquired list or active customer database.

Blasting a one size fits all to your current customer database or to a randomly selected list, or to a targeted list based on demographics alone, could lead to a high opt out-rate, eliminating future communications with important consumers. This could also get you banned from your email service provider, if you don’t properly use the opt-out feature in acquired email lists.

Social media is greatly overlooked by email marketers and can be found within social media sites like Twitter and even blogs.

Most social media marketing efforts focus on image advertising since many many people on the social networks are turned off by traditional advertising methods.

My favorite social media marketing blonde

The social media platforms claim their influence rankings or number of friends may provide lift. A key to the social networks like Facebook is the complexities of identifying true influencers is difficult to identify and measure.

A strategy that leverages social media channels, is to go with the flow of traditional advertising where brands already have robust platforms, experience and measurement tools.

The reason for the platforms are established where consumers are already comfortable being marketed to, Think of social media is a magnet that brings you to your customers and prospects, allowing you to offer timely and relevant offers based on life stage events, hobbies and interests that consumers openly share.

You can blend traditional data elements to qualify the signals acquired from social media to ensure you are messaging to people who fit your best target audience profile. Facebook offers great demographic targeting by gender, age, political beliefs and interests.

Social Login Buttons: Making the link between social and offline consumer data is key to harnessing the vast amount of unstructured data in the world of social media. There are endless approaches to making this link, but the easiest way to start is by enabling consumers to make the link themselves between their email, name and address with a social ID like a Twitter handle. You can leverage the social media platform’s API and build your own buttons, or leverage a product like JanRain’s turnkey offering.

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