Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Testing is essential in direct marketing and you should always be testing something new.

Everyone says that testing is important, but most marketers avoid tests until some later date but testing should be done every time you plan a new campaign.

Email marketing makes testing super simple, accurate and fast. Results come back in 24 hours. Avoid these mistakes that many email marketers make when testing. Here are six of them:

When you change more than one item in one version of an email and test it against your control, you won’t learn much.

If you have two versions of an email are completely different in terms of layout, promotions, copy and even products.

Any one change might have helped or hurt response, but by putting them all together you can’t tell what was doing what. One change might have helped the open rate increase, while another change in the same email might have reduced clicks. The rule is to test only one element at a time.Looking only at conversions.

the subject line so they open the message can have a large impact on open rates; they like the way the salutation greets them when they open; the copy is interesting and the offer stimulates them; and they click on a couple of links and finally order a product.

A weak subject line, bad salutation, uninspiring offer, faulty link, poor product or pricing, or confusing order form can make your email fail at any time. Which of these elements was responsible for the low conversion rate? You may never know if you look at the conversion rate by itself.

Test each element separately. First, select a subject line that works better than others. Then get your best salutation. Now you’re ready to try different versions of copy. You also need to test pricing and your order form. Nobody ever said testing was easy, particularly if you neglect testing elements separately.

Direct marketers have tested direct mail pieces that offer readers two or more choices against a mail piece that offers only one possible answer. One choice always beats two or more choices. This becomes too confusing to determine a true winner.

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