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Prospect List Segmentation…

with relevant real-time messages is the best conversion solution.

The recession has caused many marketers over 70% according to Forrester research to spend their marketing dollars on retention efforts.

Acquisition by email is much more difficult in this current recession. Still when executed correctly email marketing can become a strong tool for lead generation.

If you handle e-mail lead generation as you would in live in person sales calls it would be more relevant to the customers needs.

You need to discover ways to warm your prospects up by creating narrow segments or microtargeting which enable you to reach out to customers and better match where they are in the buying cycle.

The secret to lead generation is…

To be successful at lead generation you need to develop dynamically generated content by bringing in either your Website or profile data that you collected in your customer relationship database.

Sending content..

that matches someones profile very closely. You can examine this is little further when you purchase a list or rent space on another persons website.

If you have a hair styling business and your reaching out to a list where someone has signed up for 20% off on their next perm by opting in to your Website newsletter. Your going to get better results than if you bought a list of residents within 10 miles of your beauty salon. The reason is they never expressed any need for a perm or opt-in for a relevant newsletter.

The hard sell

Resorting to the hard sell is a big mistake without creating a relationship first, this is a much slower process but it can prove to be much more effective over the long run.

Until next time, here is to your continued success!


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