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Getting Beyond the Clutter – E-mail marketing lists

It is estimated that the average American gets about 35,000 e-mails per year and these are relevant and work related.  How does your e-mail message compete with a full in-box of e-mail messages?

Your direct mail campaigns need to include three basic elements to compete:

  • Be trusted and invited to start a relationship with this customer or targeted prospect
  • Compelling copy with affinity an understanding of the niche and what customer wants
  • Make it easy for prospect to build a relationship with you

You make it easy for the prospect by including a call for action with links back to your Website. A limited time offer, make it easy fro them to refer a friend or add to shopping cart. The call to action to get the capture information once they are on your landing form page from the link in e-mail. The call to action is to get them to subscribe or sign-up.

The compelling copy would include a call to action along with some strong benefits starting with personalization by talking with them directly by saying you. Be sure to mention that you respect their personal data and that you will follow up with them after collecting their data or product transaction.

Call To Action

The call to action should be placed on your landing page linked to the e-mail. The landing page needs to be clean, simple and laser focused. After clicking on button on landing page they would next be taken to a form with PayPal or credit card information to complete the sale or you would ask for more information like phone number for follow-up by the sales department.

Targeted Mailing Lists

Be sure not to include anything but one focused product since anything else like external links or distractions like advertisements can hurt your chance of completing the sale or lead generation. Since your targeted mailing list are prospects that are engaged in your product or service allow them to sample the type of information or taste the product by either providing a short-term trial or small sample of what they can expect when they pay for the full version.

This is called gradual engagement and this helps to make prospects more amenable to signing up or paying If you are looking to acquire leads, one effective approach is to focus on third party opt-in email list rentals.

If you are increasing awareness of a new product or doing research among existing customers, then conducting a permission-based internal email campaign could be the most efficient use of your resources. Free demonstration and trial use: 2009 Inc. 500 Winner Discover Why MegaMeeting.com was voted The #1 Video & Web Conferencing Company on the 2009 Inc 500 List!

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