“E-mail Marketing Lists” and Customer Loyalty

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Marketing retention is now taking a larger role in email marketing campaigns.

Today’s consumers have more choices than ever before and many are vocal and are expressing their thoughts and opinions by e-mail, blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Marketers need to understand that engaging their customers in conversation since this is one of the best ways to enhance customer retention.

E-mail is the best way to increase retention

E-mail marketing allows you to reach your customers where they spend the most time and where they feel most relaxed at their computers at home or work.

The decline in consumer spending last year has fueled the trend to trim back on e-mail list acquisition (buying new e-mail lists) because of the costs and more on retaining the customers they already have and concentrate on loyalty programs and cross-selling or up-selling opportunities with their current customers.

Focus on appreciation

Loyalty programs should be focused on showing your customers on how much they matter to you and sending an occasional thank you for no reason than to express your appreciation, can make a difference.

Before launching a new product or service get feedback from your current customers by sending them and e-mail asking for their opinion. This can be your own very effective focus group that you can survey and gauge and this shows that you value their opinion.

Many companies like E-bay, Amazon and other have used customer feedback in very useful ways that have been  very effective for them. By maintaining communications with your customers you will hear about problems first hand before they reach other media like Facebook or Twitter.

The open communications requires you to collect e-mail addresses, whenever you can like when they visit your Website or through internal customer lists.

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  1. mark on Wed, 10th Feb 2010 7:23 am
  2. Targeted mailing is the most responsive way of promoting a product.
    But mass mailing has it’s own advantages, it is much more cost effective
    and the results are quick. No waiting to build lists or contant promotion to build

    This one is an amazing example of how powerful a bulk mailing campaign could be ..

    I’ve been helping many small business promote themselves through Bulk mailing, but I’ve not seen anything quite like this before. Waiting for the downloads! It’s Big

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