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Your own house file e-mail names will be a lot more responsive than rented e-mail names, your housefile has build around a core audience, already interested and invested into your non-profit cause.

The next best alternative to in-house e-mail lists are rented lists, they will not be as responsive as your in-house list. The prospects that respond to your offer become the growing part of your in-house lists.

Once you have set-up some different internal system for staying in touch with past donors by e-mailing offers each month to keep them interested and informed. There are many service providers that will update or append phone number, address information or other demographic information to your file for enhancements.

Other options that can serve your donor base and keep them engaged in very in-expensive ways is Webinar conference meeting. This would be a great way for University Alumni centers can keep in touch past students. Certification for nursing or government types of non-profit organizations.

Knowing how to promote a successful Webinar or online seminar is one
of the best ways to generate highly qualified sales leads or educate and up sell existing customers. You not only send e-mail invitation to current customers asking for referrals but you also invite prospective customers through targeted e-mail lists.

When you write your marketing plan be sure to:

Define objectives
It sounds obvious, but you really need to think about what you are trying to do with a Webinar, so that you can measure your success and ROI after the fact. Is your marketing objective;

  • To acquire leads and bring in new sales?
  • To educate existing customers on a new product/service?
  • To obtain research or feedback on an existing offer?

If you are looking to acquire leads, one effective approach is to focus on third party opt-in email list rentals. If you are increasing awareness of a new product or doing research among existing customers, then conducting a permission-based internal email campaign could be the most efficient use of your resources. Free demonstration and trial use: 2009 Inc. 500 Winner Discover Why MegaMeeting.com was voted The #1 Video & Web Conferencing Company on the 2009 Inc 500 List!

Set expectations in your marketing plan
After setting objectives, setting your internal expectations is the next most important step, and too often overlooked. Do you expect to cover all costs within 1 week of promoting your seminar,

The positives about Megameting include: Incredibly easy to use and set up, MegaMeeting is platform agnostic and runs on any computer with a browser, making it much easier to deal with than platform specific programs.

Megamting is a piece of software that allows users of any operating system to attend online meetings with little effort, as long as they have a browser.

You don’t need to know anything special or do any downloading or configuration to use MegaMeting. It can help cut down on travel costs for distant meetings, and is very effective for marketing departments, working on projects with distant group members, and small scale training.

To operate the software, just make sure you have a working web cam, browser, microphone and Internet connection. You can contact up to fifteen other people for virtual meeting that feels much like you’re in the room together. This can really help with creativity.

MegaMeeting can be tried for free, and offers secure conferencing around the clock and around the world. However, to use MegaMeeting in the long term, you will need to pay. Long term contracts are not required, however, so you can quit any time you choose.

Key Features

– Video conferencing with both text chat and VoIP audio
– Unlimited conferencing around the world and at all hours
– Meetings based wholly through your browser
– Compatible with all operating systems
– Up to sixteen participants
– Offers secure conferencing
– Send invitations through email and connect directly
– No long term contracts or hidden fees
– Technical support available around the clock
– Share applications, screens and desktops, as well as computers

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