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The recession has been tough for marketers

trying to prove ROI and generating leads.

The manufacturing sector has been the slowest to recover but is now showing signs of improvement. According to surveys fewer respondents reported a decline tin their business in comparison to the first six months of last year.

Manufactures have been slow to open their pockets to make capitol investments. Many manufactures including small companies were just beginning to explore more involved online marketing before the recession hit.

Marketers are now beginning to revisit more involved marketing plans before the recession hit. Manufacturing marketers are beginning to move online because  because Web advertising and search engine marketing are much more measurable.

They can point to return on investment…

lead generation and customer acquisition. Today you need to measure the value of each campaign and effort and companies are now demanding a return on investment. Previous marketing methods need to be reexamined.

A manufacturers Website is often is the center of the online strategy. What customers experience at the site is critically important you must therefore make your Website accountable like you would a sales person. Arm them with information that will help them close the sale.

Industrial buyers are quite sophisticated they spend a quarter of their time searching for products online. Manufacturers must have the information that buyers are looking for and this information must be easily searchable by category, keyword or by product.

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