“Direct Marketing Strategies” How DUNKIN’ DONUTS’ takes Direct Marketing To Next Level

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How Dunkin’ Donuts’ makes its brand unique in a ultra competitive market!

How to make yourself unique when you have two of the most successful world franchises McDonald’s and Starbucks breathing down your neck for more market share.

Dunkin Donuts sells more than a billion cups of coffee per year in a very competitive market. Direct response advertising
gives Dunkin Donuts the perfect opportunity to talk to it’s customers about their unique selling proposition (USP) quality and great value.

Their USP is to serve the freshest most delicious coffee and donuts quickly and with courtesy. This is how you set yourself apart from the competition.

Developing loyalty with price in a poor economy

Dunkin Donuts is not only involved in CRM loyalty and digital marketing but also mobile, online social media and online promotions. One of the strongest areas of success is Dunkin Donuts leap into mobile direct response marketing with built in SMS platform which has been able to test and pilot it’s direct marketing.

It has new platforms uses for customizing local offers in real time and distribution via opt-in mobile marketing.

The mobile marketing also gets their foot in the door with social networking and communications. With specialized online software Dunkin Donuts was able to be either online or mobile in which a person can reach out to friends and colleagues and tell them they’re making a Dunkin Donuts run.

Using mobile coupons to redeem special offers that can be redeemed by employees at Dunkin Donuts by showing the coupon stored on cell phone.

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Social Media

Currently Dunkin Donuts is online with social media and has more than 1 million fans on Facebook and about 40,000 followers on Twitter this is ran by Dunkin Dave that has developed a personality and style that keeps loyal customers coming back.

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