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There is a great  free e-book entitled “Pitney Bowes Small Business Survey” compares the different marketing strategies run by small businesses.

In this free e-book is a shocking truth about direct mail is that 80 percent of the participants do not track down the results produced by their direct mail campaigns. Any direct mail marketer can tell

There is still a sizable number of businesses that primarily employ direct mail for marketing purposes (22 percent), a segment that values customer response as a metric to determine the success of their direct mail campaign.

The biggest advantage to using direct mail is how simple it is to measure the results and testing lists, creative, envelopes and premiums and this is only the start of the analysis. This study indicates only a few measure or test the usefulness of direct mail.

How to Measure Direct Mail

The number of respondents to your call to action featured on your direct mail campaign is what matters. This can be measured by foot traffic of customers that enter your store, or responses to a mailing for a paid subscription.

Below are the kinds of mearurement tools for your direct mail campaign:

If you have an e-commerce website you can mail direct mail lists that leads them to a page on your site using s short URL. Coupons can be used for holding s sale, print out brochures or postcards to be sent through the mail each piece can be tracked by a unique code. Toll free numbers on.

How do define success and how to measure it Revenue, Income or ROI

  • Revenue – Sum of the total earnings of your campaign
  • Income – Difference of revenue and cost of goods or profits after expenses
  • Rate of Investment (ROI) – Difference of gains and cost of goods divided by the gain.

The higher the better!

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