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Direct Marketing Strategy

Over the last 30 years, direct marketing mailings has seen tremendous growth in worksharing and personalization.

Worksharing allowed everyone to keep costs down and gave people their own systems and logistics, this was a measure that was initiated by the USPS in the mid-70’s. But personalization of mailing pieces in the 90’s powered the success, this was due to the sophistication of databases and the ability target the message to specific groups of people which gave direct mail marketing it’s competitive advantage.

During the 90’s more companies became more interested in desktop programs to do segment marketing and to launch direct mail campaigns from their own offices. Not only was direct marketing strategy more focused with database marketing but mailers were able to reduce costs by mailing smaller quantities from their own in-house databases.

In the 1990’s direct mail marketing pieces were becoming more creative and standard mail had hit a 100 million pieces and direct marketing reached a new high in total advertising budgets. The creativity of direct marketers were still improving this evolutionary time. The context could now be variable and you could now personalize and segment your mailings all at the same time.

Direct Mail Personalization Evolution

Personalization makes the offer relevant to the consumer since it is direct personal communication. The one-on-one marketing relationship marketing began here. Now the relationship has began online, the marketer is no longer just getting out the message but now he is getting immediate feedback from his customer.

Direct Marketing Ideas and Todays Economy

The times are like no other in the history of the USPS since volume declined by 26 billion pieces in 2009, but the declines in direct mail volumes as a percentage were not as great as most other advertising channels, like newspaper, radio and TV.

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