What To Look for When Buying DYMO Label Printer

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Printing labels creates many problems for standard printers for many small business direct marketers.

Unless you have a label printer that specifically is only used to print emailing labels have shortcomings too. In particular, if you regularly print more than one kind of label, like address labels and printed postage labels, switching the rolls back and forth can be a chore.

Do you want to save time without switching label spools

The DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo (see Reviews) makes switching easy, earning it a place as Editors’ Choice.

The DYMO Label Writer software┬áis among the best on the market and easier to use label printing utilities that I’ve seen.

Among other features, it lets you insert an automatic date and time stamp and any of nearly 20 bar codes, including Postnet for mailing labels. The installation routine also installs add-ons in Word and Excel to let you easily create a label from an address or other text in a letter, for example, or from data in a spreadsheet.

Printing address labels from within a Word Document in just 2 or 3 seconds is a great feature to look for when choosing a label writer printer. The printers fast speed doesn’t hurt either you can print 50 address labels in less than 50 seconds.

Other great features of the DYMO Label Printer 450 is if you have to print a large number of labels, you can load two rolls of the same label types, set the software to print on both, and the printer will automatically switch to the second roll when the first runs out.

What to look for!

The 450 Twin Turbo, like the LabelWriter Twin Turbo before it, is effectively two printers in one. It offers two sets of printer mechanisms and can hold two rolls of labels. Compared with typical label printers, like the Brother QL-500 PC Label Printer and the Editors’ Choice Brother QL-570 Professional Label Printer, it has roughly twice the footprint, at 8.5 by 7.25 inches (WD).

After reviewing hours of posts on 450 Twin Turbo, like the LabelWriter Twin Turbo I can honesty tell you that this is the best small business label printer on the market and you won’t be unhappy with the purchase.

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