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Lead Generation Planning

The dis-connect between marketing and sales is the primary reason for lead generation failure.  The best way to plan a lead generation campaign is to start backwards with the point of  sale.

To begin this process

We need to evaluate what goes on between the sales representative and the prospect? What information was needed to close the sale and how do you get the buyer to say yes?

Define the steps in the sales process:

  1. Who is managing and controlling each step?
  2. How can they help or hurt your program?
  3. Is the program failure because of unrealistic assumptions regarding the behavior of people

Match your leads to sales limitations:

Too many leads can kill a sales force, try to control the flow to make the sales force hungry the other extreme is too little leads.

Is the sales force ready to handle the leads as they come in with no conflicts with follow-up or scheduling problems if setting appointments.

Don’t sell expensive products or services that need a long explanation use a two-step process for offers is more profitable. When inquiries come in from the Internet or by phone reply with a powerful follow-up series.

Use copy to get the inquiry but never try to make the sale.

When selling qualified leads, sell the offer not the product.

Remember the closure rate for qualified leads can be four times as effective as a cold call and telephone leads are likely to close four times better than mail generated leads.

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