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This is how to use direct marketing ideas to boost your personal sales and image

Use a Testimonial Book

This is why major advertisers spend millions to have celebrities endorse their products. You simply go to a satisfied customer or client and ask them for a written endorsement.

Display these endorsements in a plastic pages binder and this book becomes part of your sales presentation and this helps you close the sale. You could even place it in a leather portfolio and use it like a trophy case to show all of your accomplishments.

Using customer feedback and testimonials are direct marketing techniques used by e-Bay and  the biggest e-commerce companies on the Net.

Go Back To Build Rapport

One of the first steps in the sales process is to build rapport with your customer. People do business with people they like and it will always be difficult to do business with someone that doesn’t trust you.

One of the best opportunities is to go back to previous or existing customers and make them an offer . You can use direct mail, e-mail or personal phone call to do this. If you are not doing this then you need to discover how effective you are at contacting existing customers for repeat sales.

In direct mail marketing it is a fact that it cost 5 times more money acquiring new customers than it does to re-activate or cross-sell and up-sell new ones. The lowest hanging fruit is here and waiting to be picked

Optimize Your Sales Habits

This separates the best sales professionals from the average. Try to change a couple of bad sales habits you have and monitor  improvement. Like…. not asking for referrals from your best clients.

Attorneys Build their Practice with Referrals, so should you

Referrals should become part of your sales system by striking a deal with every customer that you currently have and offer them outstanding support and follow-up if they refer a couple of friends to your practice tell them this is how you build your business is with there help.

Talk to the best sales people you know and ask them what best selling habits are and why and implement these habits into your presentation.  It’s common in direct marketing to offer incentives by mail to current customer referrals.

Model Yourself From the Top Producer

Model brilliance becoming a top producer could be as simple as modeling other top producers in your organization. Emulate their actions and adapt their methods into your personality. Focus on their beliefs.

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