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Data mining is a minefield and social networking sites are still replete with veins of consumer-insight gold.

Marketers should extract that treasure, but carefully some tips on how to get the most form data mining social networks.

Respect privacy, even if their profiles are publicly visible. Opt in or double opt in is always best.

Social networkers are often so honest in their profiles because they have an expectation of a certain level of privacy. While the information disclosure benefits marketers, marketers should interact with people they know or use information without names and identifying features to create pictures of their ideal customers.

Use the data to create prospect profiles. Marketers should collect aggregated, anonymized data to understand what consumers like or dislike about a particular product or service. Employ a list from a data solutions firm with good penetration at the individual level, this can help marketers leverage what they learn online where they formulate strategies and get an idea of what the typical person looks like and where they are.

While the main source of data mining may come from Facebook, YouTube viewers and video uploaders can find plenty of data by simply clicking on the “views” button and expanding it.

Append social media data to house files. Lewis says there’s always the possibility that marketers take Facebook’s advice and invite their friends—by uploading their e-mail lists, no more than 500 addresses at a time.

With the new data mining techniques direct marketers can take their in-house customer relations management data and reverse append it. What he does is “reverse append it to a Web-based location, using the up to 50 different social platforms—from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, all these interesting areas that have open social graph data.

Know the quality of followers, friends and connections. and always befriend influencers. Once marketers figure out which fans of their brand are influencers—those with the highest number of Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, LinkedIn connections, Facebook friends, etc.—marketers should get to know these VIPs, Lewis says.


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  • Creates and executes marketing strategies that support business goals
  • Lead generation and capture and marketing plan development


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