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Business to business marketers mail only a few thousand pieces because they are in niche markets…

The market for society of manufacturing engineers is a really small market with only a few thousand with manufacturing titles.

The universe for business to business lists are usually small and this has many dis-advantages since the narrow niche doesn’t allow you to test markets like you can with consumer lists.

With these small quantities, the number of variables that you can test are usually very small maybe only a few hundred pieces. Because of this marketers must rely on multiple marketing channels and direct mail is usually a small portion of.

Lead Generation Measurement

With lead generation mailings you get the prospect to express an interest and the sale is closed by the salesperson. In the typical mail order direct mail package the direct mail package must do the entire job of selling.

Why Do We Need a List Broker?

A large number of business to business marketers rent mailing lists directly from trade publications themselves and other list managers instead of relying on a list broker.

A good percentage may not even know that a list broker exists for this exact purpose or what a list broker does or why to use them instead of renting lists directly from the owners.

Always use a list broker

Otherwise your could be shooting yourself in the foot because:

  • The broker does the list research for you for FREE
  • You do pay unless you rent the list
  • The list owner pays the brokers commission
  • It costs the same to rent a list from the broker as it does renting direct from the owner.

When you want to mail to a particular industry or market segment you maybe shooting yourself in the foot by calling directly to a leading trade journal instead you should call a list broker.

You may feel certain that the trade journal list is the best and this is the only list that should be used, but more often than not this assumption maybe wrong.

List brokers can find lists reaching your market that you didn’t know existed that may outperform you trade journal list that you were certain would work the best.

It makes sense to pay more up front for an email address since the long run benefits will pay for themselves buy mailing lists Guaranteed and a 100 free leads if you open an account today!

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