When You Purchase Mailing Lists, The Key Factors

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The Art of List Selection

The four main criteria for selecting mailing lists:

  • Demographics – age, sex and income criteria
  • Psychology factors – lifestyle music, habits, hobbies and leasure activities
  • Email order characteristics in relation to Website and owner
  • Physical characteristics

Starting with an explanation of demographics for consumer lists includes information in your database of who your customers are and where they live. Individual information can include income or family income, age head of household, education normally the head of household and age and sex of children.

Household demographic data can include type of dwelling, length of residence, value or worth of home and geographic information. Telephone and car registration 93% of all US residents own a cell phone or 70% have car registration and approximately 20% have an unlisted phone number.

Psychology factors – of prospective lists include: What type of books do they read, what products do they buy, what they do in their leisure time, what organizations or clubs they join, what charities do they support and what political petitions are they willing to sign.

The factors that influence a prospect to buy include are both demographics and psychology factors.

The e-mail factors or segmenting factors when purchasing lists include how recently this prospect purchased something or last item purchased, how frequently they purchase and the dollar amount that they spend. Segment each and everyone of these factors when acquiring high response lists. These tend to be higher quality response lists that you can purchase through magazine subscriptions or donations made to organizations.

Physical characteristics – this relates to the currency of the file or how often they update their records, how many bounce backs you get from email blasts or un-deliverables from mailings because of lists not being current or checked for accuracy on a monthly basis. List compilers should guarantee the accuracy of their email or snail mail lists for example anything less than 2% bounce backs from emailing or non-delivery for direct mail list should be the terms for a refund.

Click Here> When purchasing list it is best to put the price aside and base your selection on quality or past response rates.

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