How To Use A “List Broker”

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Stop the confusion

I know there seems to be a great deal of mis-trust and confusion with marketing online. But using a list broker ( the broker is paid by the list company only when a list is sold) is free and the information you learn about you market is invaluable sinc ethe list.

broker is the expert in your particular niche.

How do you use a List Broker?

First, know what you want and have the budget for and this shoudld be part of your marketing plan setting goals, objectives and noting what has worked well which becomes your control package verses what hasn’t worked
worked in the past.
Second, if you have had success with previous sales, the list broker can figure out how you can target more of the same people.
Markets are divided into groups of people (i.e. consumers) by demographics like age, zip code, households, presence of children, type of cars, credit cards, recent purchases, opera lovers, etc, or types of companies (businesses) with
selects such as number of employees, sic code, number of PC’s.
You need to clone your best customers…with research
Third, your offer or message – this is where the money and time really goes when you are creating a campaign. If you are going to only run one marketing campaign, your offer had better be very good.
After all, if no one is interested in your offer, you will not be making sales and cash flow will be tight.

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The general rule of thumb is that you need to send your offer 3 – 7 times. Without an offer good offer your mailing is doomed to fail unless you have a great list.
Fourth, evaluating your campaign – direct marketing is so popular because list brokers are able to key code your list so that you can track your campaigns and determine where they succeeded and where they did not.
This is how you determine if a list is good and weather you use it again in another mailing.
Most list brokers offer Email, Postal and Telemarketing lists – each one can work in concert with the other and they can all be tracked effectively to deliver statistics and sales that translate into customer service and loyalty.
You can use these in a series as touch points if you are trying to convert prospects into customers over time.
The bottom-line is that we live and work in an information-based society. Understanding the data that drives your business is the foundation to business success over the long term.
Remember the biggest mistake you could ever make is not taking advantage of a list broker sinc their advice is normally free
you will pay the same price for a list regardless.

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Tim G. Little has a BS in Business Administration, and has worked in the magazine publication and circulation management for the past 20 years. As an Internet Publisher and Entrepreneur, he has developed a website to help small business entrepreneurs find the best mailing list and marketing programs ps: I would like to recommend a tool to you to help find Boost Sales… Gain Market Share.. . With Focused List Selection, Tips and Tools for Finding the Perfect List.

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