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Renting Mailing Lists

After you have found an organization offering lists, search their catalog or talk with a listing broker on the phone. Share your ideal client profile; who are you targeting? The list brokers will suggest several lists and email or fax you data cards.

Such cards give you the info about their email list: who is renting it, whether it’s compiled or response, and data selects available. Data selects are optional approaches to start using a computer to reduce by far the most likely prospects to react on your offer. Select occasionally includes age, gender, products purchased, or recent shopping behavior.

Lists use a base cost per thousand.

Typically list companies will not likely rent less than 10,000 records, so grab the cost per thousand records, multiple that by 10, and that offers you the minimum income you will need to commit to an email list. There may be additional charges added on for assorted selections so they can actually generate their email list from the computer.

Thinking outside the box with Direct Mail Lists

Ensure that their email list may be updated recently. Good list companies run their lists through several databases extracted from the Direct Marketing Association and also the US Postal office shooting.

For example B2B Data Group not only has the most extensive Business to Business lists but also includes an international email or cell phone to generate some leads for your business.

Timothy Little – Marketing Consultant with over 15 years of successful direct mail and database marketing experience!

Service Description

* We will customize and write a strategic marketing plan based on your competitive edge and Unique Selling Proposition
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Marketing plan development with a focus on your unique selling proposition including market needs, demographics, analysis, strategy, break-even analysis and marketing budget. I have innovative database techniques to increase response rates with testing and analysis.

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Email address: Tim G. Little

Like for example , detaching the names of deceased persons, updating lists with the new addresses of people who have moved, and suppressing (removing) individuals who have requested to become within the “Do Not Mail” list or preference list from your Direct Marketing Association.

Doing this may add costs from the outset of the list rental process, but consider the money wasted mailing pieces to the people who cannot respond. If they’ve moved, died, or hate pre-approved offers, why mail for them from the start? You’re spending money on the creative design, the printing, the mailing house costs and postage, so save the bucks and do not mail to people people.

Testing of Direct Mail Lists

Although minimum amount of names on n a typical direct mail list rental is approximately 5,000 to 10,000 names, many companies will help you to rent a smaller segment for testing. Be sure you code your direct mail pieces with a unique cell phone number, source code or permanently to track responses to help you see which list performed the top.<p>

Mailing lists are rented for just one time use or multiple, unlimited uses. You will end up asked beforehand to specify which use you intend and a lot companies request a sample mail piece. prosecution, fines or both. It may not be pretty.<p>

Direct Mail nowadays

Direct mail has been around since the late 1800’s when catalogs opened a whole lot of new goods to rural Americans. Although many consumers have moved their internet shopping, many still prefer to take a look at an old-fashioned catalog before buying. Direct mail can entice and invite consumers to see a website to order.<p>

A good mix of old-fashioned direct mail marketing, postcard marketing, and also a robust website with search engine marketing methods of system is a winning combination to buy, retain that will create loyal customers – and produce profit the process

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